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From GitBox <>
Subject [GitHub] [singa] joddiy commented on a change in pull request #587: SINGA-504 Add Gemm operator for autograd and onnx
Date Fri, 31 Jan 2020 08:02:51 GMT
joddiy commented on a change in pull request #587: SINGA-504 Add Gemm operator for autograd
and onnx

 File path: python/singa/
 @@ -2760,3 +2760,107 @@ def backward(self, dy):
 def reciprocal(x):
     return Reciprocal()(x)[0]
+class Gemm(Operation):
+    def __init__(self, alpha=1.0, beta=1.0, transA=0, transB=0):
+        """
+        init a General Matrix multiplication(Gemm) operator
+        Compute Y = alpha * A' * B' + beta * C, where input tensor A has shape (M, K) or
(K, M), input tensor B has shape (K, N) or (N, K), input tensor C is broadcastable to shape
(M, N), and output tensor Y has shape (M, N).
+        A' = transpose(A) if transA else A
+        B' = transpose(B) if transB else B
+        Args:alpha: 
+            float, Scalar multiplier for the product of input tensors A * B.
+        Args:beta: 
+            float, Scalar multiplier for input tensor C.
+        Args:transA: 
+            int, Whether A should be transposed
+        Args:transB: 
+            int, Whether B should be transposed
+        Returns: 
+            tensor, the output
+        """
+        super(Gemm, self).__init__()
+        self.alpha = alpha
+        self.beta = beta
+        self.transA = transA
+        self.transB = transB
+    def forward(self, A, B, C=None):
+        """
+        forward propogation of Gemm
+        Args:A: 
+            tensor, The shape of A should be (M, K) if transA is 0, or (K, M) if transA is
+        Args:B: 
+            tensor, The shape of B should be (K, N) if transB is 0, or (N, K) if transB is
+        Args:C: 
+            tensor(optional), Optional input tensor C. If not specified, the computation
is done as if C is a scalar 0. The shape of C should be unidirectional broadcastable to (M,
+        Returns: 
+            tensor, the output
+        """
+        _A = singa.DefaultTranspose(A) if self.transA == 1 else A
+        _B = singa.DefaultTranspose(B) if self.transB == 1 else B
+        if training:
+            self.inputs = (_A, _B, C)
+        tmpM = singa.MultFloat(singa.Mult(_A, _B), self.alpha)
 Review comment:
   MultiWithScale needs 5 inputs, (alpha, A, B, beta, C), if the user doesn't input a C, which
means C is none, it still needs to init a C with all zero values. maybe we should optimize
the MultiWithScale?

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