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From 陈海波 <>
Subject Re: About GPU API
Date Fri, 19 Jun 2015 10:37:02 GMT
Sorry,  I make a mistake. we think solution B is better than solution A

在2015-06-19 17:54:48,陈海波<>写道:
> hi,wang~
>     Two solutions for GPU API:
>     solution A) 
>          In each neural network layer, two menthods(CPU and GPU) are implemented 
>     in feedforward propagation and backforward propagation funtcion module.
>     solution B)
>           modify Blob class,we add a device template parameter(CPU/GPU),there may be
two choices for parameter:
>      1) use mshadow::cpu/gpu
>      2) declare a global parameter in SINGA 
>      we think solution A is better.
>      Wang'question:
>          We currently use mshadow for maxtrix computation.If we want to use another matrix
libray instead of mshadow,how do we?
>      I think matrix library can be divided into three levels:
>      base level library:
>      for GPU computation,cudamaxtrix;for CPU computation,mkl、openblas、atlas and son
>      middle level library:
>      both cpu and gpu matrix computation,mshadow 
>      high level library:
>      abstract matrix interface which encapsulate some middle level matrix libraries.
>           I think it's a hard problem we add many middle level libraries into SINGA.
Because the difference between middle libraries is 
>      so large that we can't integrate them together effeively. And GPU function module
should be integrated into SINGA in our first step. 
>      Then If we want to add a new middle level library,the better way is to design a
set of high level interfaces. 
>      thanks~

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