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From Brian Demers <>
Subject Re: Sessions and Tomcat versioning
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2018 16:04:55 GMT
Gabriele, this might be best for a separate thread.

My take on this is you don't need a hybrid session manager, you would still
use one or the other (it sounds like in your case you would want to use
your containers session).
Depending on what async lib you are using, you may just need to configure
how those threads are executed, typically you just need to associate the
thread with the current Subject.

Put together a sample app of what you are trying to do and we should be
able to point you in the right direction!


On Mon, Jan 15, 2018 at 8:32 AM, gbulfon <>

> Hello,
> the versioning feature of Tomcat (parallel deployment) is too important for
> our live deployments.
> This was something usual for us while deploying WebTop4, using native
> container session manager.
> With WebTop5 we need the best of both worlds, and to achieve this I bet we
> need some kind of hybrid session manager implementing both the native
> container session manager and the default native shiro session manager:
> this
> would allow us to both have classic JSESSIONID management on Tomcat (making
> it work on parallel deployments) together with a native shiro session to
> work with our websockets management and rest APIs.
> We may invest in the development of such an hybrid manager, but we need
> some
> help on how to achieve this. We would contribute the final result,
> obviously.
> Can anyone help?
> Gabriele
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