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From Brian Demers <>
Subject Re: Session management on GAE
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2017 13:59:06 GMT
You _should_ be able to do this with standard servlet configuration (a
web.xml, or a equivalent code). Shiro will just use the available session
from your container.

On Wed, Mar 29, 2017 at 12:56 AM, Harshdeep S Jawanda <>

> I have verified the following:
>    - ServletContainerSessionManager integrates with the underlying way in
>    which GAE manages HTTP sessions, so should be the choice for people using
>    Shiro on GAE.
>    - Prepending _ahs to the value of JSESSIONID cookie gives the ID of
>    the _ah_SESSION entity in the GAE datastore (should this data be of use to
>    anybody else in the future).
>    - Setting session-timeout in web.xml works on GAE also (I'd had some
>    doubts regarding this).
>    - The JSESSIONID cookie resulting from the Shiro login process has no
>    expires value, therefore is valid for the current session only.
> Here is what I want to achieve:
>    1. I want to set an expires value on the JSESSIONID cookie so that it
>    isn't lost when the user closes the browser.
>       1. I can achieve this by setting the maxAge of the cookie
>       explicitly in my login handler (after successful login). However this still
>       leaves behind one issue...
>       2. Just like the _expires value of the _ah_SESSION entity gets
>    updated every time a logged-in user uses the site (so that session remains
>    valid for X time from last activity), I want the expires value of the
>    JSESSIONID cookie to also get updated.
> How do I achieve this 2nd part? Shiro doesn't seem to handle this
> automatically: is there some setting I have missed? Remember, I have to use
> ServletContainerSessionManager and it doesn't have the
> sessionIdCookie.maxAge property (plus I don't think the expires value gets
> auto-updated every time anyway).
> Is my only viable option to create my own Filter?
> Or does an auto-refreshing cookie leave a security hole and is therefore
> inadvisable?
> Regards,
> Harshdeep S Jawanda
> On 29 March 2017 at 06:42, Harshdeep S Jawanda <>
> wrote:
>> But where does DefaultWebSessionManager keep the session? In RAM? Then
>> how and when  does it decide to end a session?
>> Because of App Engine's peculiar nature (instances may be stopped and
>> started at any time based on load, and consecutive calls from the same user
>> may end up going to different instances), sessions have to be stored in
>> their built-in Datastore.
>> I had always thought that Shiro on GAE interacts with these sessions and
>> uses them to correspond its own idea/implementation of sessions. You're
>> saying that's not the case?
>> Regards,
>> Harshdeep S Jawanda
>> On 29 March 2017 at 02:36, Brian Demers <> wrote:
>>> I cannot speak to anything specific to GAE, but the
>>> DefaultWebSessionManager "owns" the creation of the sessionId.  If you want
>>> the container to control it, then you would use the
>>> ServletContainerSessionManager:
>>> a/org/apache/shiro/web/session/mgt/
>>> On Mon, Mar 27, 2017 at 7:53 AM, Harshdeep S Jawanda <
>>>> wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> I am trying to get a better understanding of how Shiro does session
>>>> management on Google App Engine (a few things seem to be behaving
>>>> counter-intuitively), so I'll start by asking some questions:
>>>>    1. Does Shiro use the _ah_SESSION entities to manage session
>>>>    persistence on GAE?
>>>>    2. If so, what is the relationship between the key (name/ID) of the
>>>>    _ah_SESSION entity and the value stored in the JSESSIONID cookie?
>>>>    3. To put it differently, how does DefaultWebSessionManager know
>>>>    that if the JSESSIONID value is X, I have to lookup entity Y in the GAE
>>>>    datastore?
>>>> I have set the session-timeout to 1440 (24 hours) in web.xml, but
>>>> logins seem to expire before then (cookie life is set to 5 days): if I
>>>> login now, do nothing after that, and refresh the page in, say, 13 hours,
>>>> am shown as logged out (depending entirely on Shiro for logins, not doing
>>>> any other hanky-panky).
>>>> It does seem like the value of the _expires field in the _ah_SESSION
>>>> entities is being set to 24 hours from now.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Harshdeep S Jawanda

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