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From AndyW <>
Subject Problem setting up form based authentication with Shiro, Guice, Jersey, Jetty, no shiro.ini
Date Mon, 17 Dec 2012 10:06:33 GMT

I'm trying to set up a new project using Shiro with Guice, Jersey, Jetty,
and a custom realm. I'm trying to use Guice to configure Shiro instead of an
ini file.

The problem I'm having is with using AUTHC for form based authentication.
When I use AUTHC_BASIC, the browser based authentication works just as
expected, but I need to change it to form based.

When I use AUTHC, Shiro correctly identifies when I request a protected
resource, and redirects to login.jsp. All good so far, but when I submit the
login form the login.jsp page reloads, and there's no indication that my
realm has been accessed.

This feels like I'm making a schoolboy error here, but I've gone around in
circles for hours and read the samples at as well as every
similar post I can find, without getting anywhere! I would be very grateful
if someone could give me a hand.

Here's some of my code that I think is relevant (sorry if I've missed out
anything useful, please let me know) - hopefully the glaring error will be
obvious. I'm sure a lot of it will be recognisable from a mash of online

** My GuiceServletContextListener

** My Jetty/Guice bootstrap:

** My login.jsp:

Sorry if this has been a bit on the long side - thanks for reading this far.
Really, any help would be appreciated.


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