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From Chris Richmond <>
Subject Security manager/realms reuse...very stuck
Date Thu, 26 Jan 2012 07:08:43 GMT
I have an application with security manager with a couple of custom 
AuthorizingRealm implementations which I am trying desperately to reuse 
in my embedded Jetty web application.  I have wired up a login auth app 
with no problem and it calls a class I specify in my inline shiro .ini 
section of web.xml.

Even in my realms I specified I tried to use

SecurityUtils.getSecurityMagager and pass on auth information to the 
pre-existing realm but this code returns a completely different security 
manager (a DefaultWebSecurityManger class) where as calling that code in 
the rest of my application, returns a DefaultSecurityManager, so Shiro 
has automatically created 2 security managers, one for my Jetty apps and 
one for my in memory?

I cannot figure out how to bridge this gap, allowing the already 
existing AuthorizingRealms i've written for the rest of my (non web 
app)  to my embedded Jetty web applications or even better have one 
security manager and realms for my server application and it's embedded 
Jetty server.  It seems like this would be a common usage scenario and 
should be easily supported by Shiro.

Les has greatly helped me to get my web application secured using my own 
specified realm classes for form based auth checks using web.xml/inline 
.ini,  going to a dummy auth realm class I wrote just to sure it is 
being called,
and that is working fine.

I just need figure out how to bridge the gap now to reuse my already in 
memory AuthorizingRealm implementations from my main (non-web) server 
application and I am stuck

Has anyone successfully done this or something close?  I have seen 
plenty of shared session threads, but that comes later, for now I am 
simply trying to share AuthorizingRealms between my 
DefaultSecurityManager for my main app and my DefaultWebSecurityManager 
that gets crated for my embedded Jetty application.

Thanks very much...


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