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From Lothar Werzinger <>
Subject Cant access subject with Eclipse RAP
Date Sat, 08 Jan 2011 00:20:09 GMT

I am trying to use Shiro with an Eclipse RAP web application in a tomcat6 

I configured a ShiroFilter in the web.xml and Shiro does indeed ask for the 
login and verifies it correctly.

However in the application code I get a UnavailableSecurityManagerException:

org.apache.shiro.UnavailableSecurityManagerException: No SecurityManager 
accessible to the calling code, either bound to the 
org.apache.shiro.util.ThreadContext or as a vm static singleton.  This is an 
invalid application configuration.

This is probably due to the equinox servletbridge.

I then added code to initialise the SecurityManager in my app manually and 
register my realm with it. After that I can get a subject, but it is not 

I do get a principal from the HttpServletRequest (and that shows that Shiro 
initially did authorise me):

  HttpServletRequest request = RWT.getRequest();
  request.getRemoteUser() => lothar
  request.getUserPrincipal() => lothar
  request.getUserPrincipal().getClass().getName() => 

But if I try to access the Shiro subject I get:

  Subject subject = SecurityUtils.getSubject();
  subject.isAuthenticated() => false
  subject.getPrincipal() => null

Any help is highly appreciated.


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