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From Sune Lindberg Riedel <>
Subject RE: Apache JSecurity/Ki rename - choose your favorite!
Date Wed, 03 Jun 2009 07:07:19 GMT
+1 for Apache Security (because that’s what it is!)


From: [] On Behalf Of Les Hazlewood
Sent: Friday, May 29, 2009 16:30
To: Ki Users; Ki Developers;
Subject: Apache JSecurity/Ki rename - choose your favorite!

Hi everyone,

The period for name suggestions has ended, and we received many good submissions.  Thanks
so much for all who submitted - naming is not an easy task given the research that has to
be done, and your efforts are much appreciated.

Below is a list of all submissions that cleared TESS [1] searches, along with their meanings. 
The spreadsheet I used to accumulate this information may also be viewed here:

The list is ordered alphabetically accompanied by their meanings.  Please only select one. 
Due to the weekend, the voting period will extend to Midnight (GMT-8) June 3rd. Thanks!

Apache Aseca      - relevant letters in "Application SECurity Api"
Apache AuthentiKi - play on previous 'Ki' name
Apache Boahn      - "security" in Korean (Boahn:보안)
Apache KeyPad     - electronic lock
Apache Narsil     - sword of Kind Elendil,Lord Of The Rings - represents power/protection
Apache Panekana   - "security" in Hawaiian
Apache Security   - Apache security framework, but might have probs w/
Apache Sekuriti   - "security" in Malay
Apache Shiro      - "castle" in Japanese
Apache Sikkert    - "security" in Danish
Apache Tidasi     - variant of Tidasif (see next), easier to pronounce
Apache Tidasif    - the word "Secured" using an offset of one character (s->t, e->i,
Apache Toran      - a gateway, often a monumental approach to a Buddhist temple
Apache XSJ        - relevant letters in "eXtensible Security for Java"

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