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From "Peter Ledbrook" <>
Subject Re: grails plugin - annotations
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2008 15:58:28 GMT
> Peter - can you explain a little more about what that property does?  Any
> downside to enabling it?

It enables a Grails filter that mimics the old behaviour of the
plugin. Back in the 0.1.x days, the access control configuration was
specified in the controllers themselves. Since then, the preferred
approach is to define access control in your own Grails filters (which
are Spring HandlerInterceptors under the hood), so I deprecated the
old controller-centric approach.

There's no real downside to enabling the legacy filter other than it
executes on every request to a controller. So if you're not using it,
there's no point enabling it. I doubt the performance penalty is
significant, but in truth I have never tested it.



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