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From Les Hazlewood <>
Subject Initial steps toward 2.0
Date Sun, 12 May 2013 00:18:27 GMT
Hi dev team,

I made the following initial changes in SVN to facilitate kickstarting
development on Shiro 2.x:

1.  I moved (using 'svn move' to retain version history) the existing
trunk to a new 1.x branch located here:

If we ever feel the need to release a 1.3 version before 2.0, this is
the branch where that work would exist (also continuously merging any
bugfixes from 1.2.x into 1.x).

2.  I copied (using 'svn copy') this 1.x branch to what is now the
trunk here:

3.  I'll be updating the poms to reflect version 2.alpha.0-SNAPSHOT

I suspect we'll want to make some alpha and then beta releases before
we release 2.0.0 final.  If you guys have any concerns or ideas about
the versioning scheme, please discuss.

4.  I'll start extracting config-specific things (Ini-specific
configuration mechanisms, etc) to a separate config module.  Please
review (and edit)
with any additional ideas related to this effort so we can discuss.

All of the above actions are based on our previous 'Spring Cleaning'
thread discussion so I don't think anyone would have issues with this.
 They are easily reversible however, so let me know if you have



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