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From Kalle Korhonen <>
Subject Re: Prepping for the Shiro 1.2.0 release
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2012 22:53:04 GMT
On Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 2:28 PM, Jared Bunting
<> wrote:
> As I commented in the ticket, I'm interested in the overlap with
> SHIRO-314.

I'm interested in the topic as well and completely agree with Jared
that there's some overlap, which is also why the issue shouldn't go
into 1.2. OpenID4J shouldn't be on the critical path to 1.2 either,
it's a new support module.

> That being said, I think that the goal of releasing 1.2.0 as soon as
> possible would be hampered by adding new features at this stage.  I
> vote that we target it for a 1.3.0M1 release.

Thanks Les for putting in the work and sorry I didn't have time to
participate much this time around. My time has started to free up from
hectic development on the day job but other open source commitments
keep sucking all of it so far. I'm running multiple projects against
1.2.0 snapshot and I've got a lot of releases pending, so the timing
for Shiro 1.2 is excellent.


> On Tue 17 Jan 2012 04:19:25 PM CST, Mamadou Bobo Diallo wrote:
>> Hi. Didn't had much time to get into details on how the shiro community
>> work. I can contribute a patch as i already have it working in production
>> apps since a few months. I didn't posted a patch because i wanted to get
>> feedback on the proper way to add it: which package? should we put it
>> inside the spring module? and enable it only if SpEl is in the classpath?
>> I don't think this will delay 1.2... i can contribute the patch, have a few
>> of you look into it for peer review then should be fine. I think having
>> SpEl will be a great thing to add for this version.
>> 2012/1/17 Les Hazlewood <>
>>> Hi Mamadou,
>>> Yes, we'd love to have a proper expression grammar supported.  Would
>>> you be willing to contribute a patch?
>>> That being said, I personally don't feel that any time incurred for
>>> this feature warrants delaying the 1.2.0 release further (just my
>>> opinion).  This could be a good candidate for a soon-to-follow 1.3.0
>>> M1 IMHO.
>>> Again, the fastest way to incorporate new functionality is to submit
>>> patches!  We welcome them all.
>>> Best,
>>> Les
>>> On Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 2:04 PM, Mamadou Bobo Diallo
>>> <> wrote:
>>>> I think shiro 1.2 will be great...
>>>> However, i suggest to look over this ticket:
>>>> I'm the one that added it a few months ago... i know it is just an
>>>> improvement, but by having used Shiro in many project i've found this
>>>> feature so cool that i don't know if i could use shiro ever without it.
>>>> I've already written the class that add this support and i think this is
>>>> going to be a major improvment to match Spring ACL in the way it allow
>>>> fexibility in permission checking.
>>>> 2012/1/17 Les Hazlewood <>
>>>>> Hi team,
>>>>> Over the last 2 weeks, it appears that we were finally able to whittle
>>>>> down all of the most pressing bugs and issues.
>>>>> There are a few outstanding issues attributed to 1.2 but none of them
>>>>> are bugs.  We've waited so long to release 1.2, I personally don't
>>>>> feel the outstanding issues are worth holding the 1.2 release up
>>>>> further.  Here are the outstanding 1.2 issues (5 'improvement's and
>>>>> 'new feature'):
>>>>> Additionally, the latest non-Jira-generated release notes are here:
>>>>> I would have liked the OpenID4J support module to be fully flushed
>>>>> out, but it's not fully tested (I'd say its at about 85% complete).
>>>>> My desire is to release 1.2 now and release the OpenId4J module in a
>>>>> 1.3.0 M1 (milestone 1) release shortly enough after 1.2 is released.
>>>>> We've traditionally been rather lax on 'release early, release often',
>>>>> which is a behavior I'd like to change if at all possible.
>>>>> So, in summary, I'd like to release 1.2.0 asap and put OpenId4J
>>>>> support module in a milestone release that isn't too far behind 1.2.
>>>>> Thoughts?
>>>>> Best,
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