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From Manoj Khangaonkar <>
Subject WildcardPermission
Date Thu, 23 Jun 2011 19:59:38 GMT

In the default permission handling based on WildcardPermission

file:*:myfile implies file:read:myfile


file:myfile implies file:read:myfile

* and missing part are wildcards.


file::myfile does not imply file:read:myfile.

With file::myfile , WildcardPermission treats "file" , "", "myfile" as
the parts. There is no wildcard. It has to be a
direct match.

Is this the intended behaviour ? I ran into it because of a user error
and I am unable to think of how a "" part
might be useful.

I was feeling that WildcardPermission should throw an
IllegalArgumentException if one of the parts is a "" .




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