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From Les Hazlewood <>
Subject Re: Features and Priorities
Date Sat, 11 Jun 2011 21:20:35 GMT
Hi Maria,

Thanks for offering to help out!  We can only be a better project when
people like yourself offer to help.

In addition to what Kalle has said, I just created a new search filter
in Jira for our project.

On the top navigation bar, click the 'Issues' drop-down arrow (not the
actual 'Issues' word).  You should see at the bottom of that drop-down
a filter named: "Most Popular Outstanding Development Issues".  (here
is the direct link:

This is just my opinion, but this is probably the best indicator of
what to work on next, as it orders things based on how much the
community wants something. Of course, this is open source so you have
the luxury of working on whatever you want if it interests you, but
this filter is what I use to see what I should work on next, so I
thought I'd point it out.

Also, note that while an issue may be assigned to one of the team
members already, that doesn't mean you can't/shouldn't work on
something - if you see the issue hasn't been updated in a while, odds
are high that the person to whom it is assigned probably hasn't
touched it in a while and you could probably help out if you wanted.
If you're interested in working on an already-assigned issue, I'd just
post a comment on any of those issues to see what the current state of
them are.



Les Hazlewood
CTO, Katasoft | | 888.391.5282
katasoft blog:
personal blog:

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