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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: Features and Priorities
Date Sat, 11 Jun 2011 21:36:33 GMT
On 6/11/11 2:20 PM, Les Hazlewood wrote:
> Hi Maria,
> Thanks for offering to help out!  We can only be a better project when
> people like yourself offer to help.
> In addition to what Kalle has said, I just created a new search filter
> in Jira for our project.
> On the top navigation bar, click the 'Issues' drop-down arrow (not the
> actual 'Issues' word).  You should see at the bottom of that drop-down
> a filter named: "Most Popular Outstanding Development Issues".  (here
> is the direct link:
> This is just my opinion, but this is probably the best indicator of
> what to work on next, as it orders things based on how much the
> community wants something. Of course, this is open source so you have
> the luxury of working on whatever you want if it interests you, but
> this filter is what I use to see what I should work on next, so I
> thought I'd point it out.
> Also, note that while an issue may be assigned to one of the team
> members already, that doesn't mean you can't/shouldn't work on
> something - if you see the issue hasn't been updated in a while, odds
> are high that the person to whom it is assigned probably hasn't
> touched it in a while and you could probably help out if you wanted.
> If you're interested in working on an already-assigned issue, I'd just
> post a comment on any of those issues to see what the current state of
> them are.

Thanks, Les!

I have also been lurking for a while and thinking about stuff to
work on.  One thing I would add for Maria and anyone else getting
involved @apache is that working on test cases, javadoc and other
documentation is always a great way to get started contributing.

> HTH!
> Best,

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