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From cadwhit <>
Subject hierarchical data
Date Wed, 18 May 2011 00:02:52 GMT
Hello all,

I'm trying to simplify a complex set of rules, I'm going to use the example
of schools/districts/courses/assignments... here's my swing at it:

Districts, Schools, Courses and Assignments
Administrators, Teachers and Students

Scenario #1 - I am an administrator, I can create Schools for my district, I
can create Courses for my district

Scenario #2 - I am a teacher, I can create courses for my school

Scenario #3 - I am a student I can view my assignments

Scenario #4 - I am a consultant, I can view all assignments in a district
regardless of school

Scenario #5 - I am a principal, I can do whatever I want in my School

Scenario #6 - I am a substitute, I can assign students in courses I have
access to

Here's my problem...
Technically speaking Scenario #3 could look like this "assignment:23:view"

But that conflicts with Scenario #4

Is it best to have a full chain like I am describing? Is this using Shiro

Any help would be appreciated, I don't want to go down this road and then
have someone else come by it in 5 years and put it on DailyWTF :)

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