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From Les Hazlewood <>
Subject Re: PMC Chair/officer karma
Date Thu, 07 Oct 2010 00:52:48 GMT
> and
> for different approaches, both reveal tasks to be done you may not know about , and that
> you cannot do yourself.

Awesome, thanks very much Gav - we'll take a look asap.

> I will however update the docs you are following, since LDAP integration very few people
> can grant you to PMC Chair so you cant just ask anyone, it should be done as part of
> Infra tasks you create.

Thanks for updating the docos - this will be very helpful for those who follow.

> Note that Tony from Infra spotted your email and has added you to
> the PMC Chairs group already so you can get on with some stuff.

Thanks again!

>> Also, the post graduation guidelines specify that I should 'Check out
>> the foundation/officers folder from the private repository.'  What is
>> the SVN URL of this 'private repository'?  Is it the same as the one
>> above?
> no its called, private :)

I'm assuming this is something I should be able to access (after karma
is granted), otherwise it wouldn't be in the documentation.  If so, I
don't believe I have the base SVN url to do so.  Should someone email
this to me directly?  Sorry for being dense - I just don't understand
that particular part of the documentation very well.

Anyway, thanks again for the help!  We'll get started right away.



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