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From Kalle Korhonen <>
Subject Following through on suggestions from 1.0.0 release
Date Mon, 26 Jul 2010 18:38:35 GMT
I made a few minor commits last night to fix the issues that came up
during the 1.0.0 release. I also took a look at the notice file and
I'd like refine the wording. Currently the contents with "NOTICE
accounting for Apache Shiro's use" lines make it sound more like a
licensing issue but the two notices we have are about copyrights, not
licenses. The NOTICE is a user-facing file but as is, it reads to me
more of a document to Incubator PMC for IP clearance. Ant had
suggested perhaps removing the notice regarding SoftHashMap which I
believe we could do if we only used the concept since ideas cannot be
copyrighted. I believe the code is in public domain so the matter is
only regarding to copyrights in case we copied some of the code
directly but I didn't try doing a diff to verify. Regardless, I think
it's fair to acknowledge Dr. Heinz Kabutz as the originator of the
SoftHashMap concept even if we aren't legally bound to put in NOTICE
file. I'd remove the "== NOTICE accounting..." header and the "Per
Heinz Kabutz..." line.

The Spring source notice is equally straight-forwarded. Spring is
under the same Apache license and there are multiple copyright holders
of the Spring codebase so we just need to acknowledge that Spring has
copyrights to some part of the codebase if we copied the code for
StringUtils etc. directly which we probably did. I'd remove the "==
NOTICE from" header and rephrase the wording to mention StringUtils
and the reasoning.

I'll edit the file as suggested unless I hear objections.

Regarding the roadmap, after this we only have actual code issues left
for 1.1.0 release. There were a few issues in 1.0.0 that were more
than minor but each with workarounds so at this point it doesn't seem
like we'd necessarily need 1.0.1 release before 1.1.0. Now, if we
release 1.1.0 while still in incubator, we are in some ways "wasting"
a perfectly good release. It's my understanding we could more or less
graduate at will now so unless anything urgent comes up, I'd suggest
we get ready for 1.1.0 release, hold a graduation vote and then
release 1.1.0 as TLP. Does anybody see any issues with that plan
and/or any pressing issues we must complete before attempting to


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