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From Les Hazlewood <>
Subject Re: [jira] Closed: (SHIRO-102) Set-up AutoExport of Shiro documentation to the appropriate location
Date Wed, 19 May 2010 17:49:30 GMT
> Sure, clean up the javadoc. I'm still checking the configuration and
> the site and that I've done all the preparation needed for the
> release. I don't think I can start the release today though. It should
> be simple and quick if everything works out but from the past
> experience of cutting the very first release, you may need a
> continuous block of several hours to work through the remaining issues
> and I don't have that today. Overall, tomorrow morning works better
> for me.

Sure, no problem - that will give me a bit of time for JavaDoc'ing and
documentation.  Let me know if I can do anything to help along the

> On branches: while they are cheap to create, I'd resist creating a
> release branch just for getting 1.0.0 out. In practice, we are the
> only two active committers at the moment so we can easily handle the
> communication. Also we really don't have any idea for a feature set
> for 1.1, so creating a 1.0.x release branch at this time is pointless.
> Once the release is done, development of 1.0.1 release will continue
> in the trunk until we identify an issue to work on that should be
> scheduled for some other release than 1.0.1.

Won't the release plugin automatically create the 1.0.x branch?  That
way we don't have to worry about it?

Unless I'm missing something, it makes sense to me to create a 1.0.x
because the trunk can be used for new feature (1.1) development -
there are a few issues slated for 1.1 already and we would be able to
work on those whenever we want without fear of screwing up the repo if
there is already a 1.0.x branch, right?  I mean, the idea is that
1.0.x won't contain new features since it should be both forwards and
backwards compatible with any 1.0.x release.  At least this has been
my favorite way of thinking of releases:

I'm also thinking of how we did things w/ Maven at work - this entire
thing was automated such that a tag and branch were created
automatically at every release and we never had to worry about it.



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