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From Paul Merlin <>
Subject Re: Your thoughts on INI config?
Date Sun, 02 May 2010 13:50:49 GMT
Hi Les,

> If we go with a single section, all of the default filters ('authc',
> 'authcBasic', 'port', 'ssl', etc) would just be normal beans in the
> [main] section for a webapp.  The only risk is that people could
> accidentally overwrite these default filters if they name one of their
> beans the same as a default filter - but I think the odds of that
> happening in practice would be very low.

I think that's true even with two sections. What if I override autcBasic with 
my own bean/filter in the [filter] section ?
I would not bother with this issue as long as it's documented.

More generally, I prefer simple things, that means simple code too. Both 
solutions will work for me and all I have to say is : got the simpler/smarter 
way according to the underlying code so that it's easy to understand/maintain.

my 2c


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