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From Mark Cave-Ayland <>
Subject Re: Installing shindig-2.5.2 as non-ROOT application in Tomcat
Date Fri, 12 Jun 2015 08:18:27 GMT
On 10/06/15 18:11, Davies,Douglas wrote:

> I don’t think the common container has userprefs implemented.  You’d need to define
a user prefs function
> container.config_[osapi.container.ContainerConfig.SET_PREFERENCES] = function(siteId,
gadgetUrl, preferences)
> that calls osapi.userprefs.update
> osapi.userprefs.update({
>     siteId : siteId;
>     data : data
> }).execute(function(response) {});
> It would be cool if a default implementation (at least in-memory) was provided.
> doug

Hi Doug,

Thanks for the hint. I did actually get as far as creating a dummy
GET_PREFERENCES in Javascript to return a simple JSON object which has
been enough for my testing needs so far.

I agree it would be great if commoncontainer would just work "out of the
box" for testing, but sadly I think this is outside the scope of what
shindig is trying to achieve right now.



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