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From Mark Cave-Ayland <>
Subject Installing shindig-2.5.2 as non-ROOT application in Tomcat
Date Mon, 08 Jun 2015 13:43:06 GMT
Hi all,

I've spent a couple of hours today struggling with trying to install
shindig 2.5.2 as a non-root application and thought that I should write
a reference email for the archives in case any else finds themselves in
a similar situation.

Firstly, upon installing the application in Tomcat and launching the
commoncontainer link, I got messages in Firebug about being unable to
find pubsub-2.js, and sure enough the URL was still referencing the
Tomcat root application space.

So next I searched around the FAQ and found the link referencing running
in a non-root Tomcat application at,howtouseShindigasanon-rootapplication?
which led me to unpacking the WAR and altering as
described. Unfortunately this didn't see to make any different to the
redeployed WAR, so obviously something else was still needed.

After some more searching I came across the bug report at which suggested that
I needed to alter container.js instead. But it looked like all of the
relevant URLs in container.js already had a ${CONTEXT_ROOT} included in

Finally I ended up grepping the source code for pubsub-2.js and found
that that the problem was the root URL being embedded in
containers/commoncontainer/index.html like this:

<script type="text/javascript"

Exploding the WAR and altering this file by hand seems to have got
everything working as it should, but I'm wondering if the correct fix
should be to move the URL to a separate .js file that can be parsed to
correctly evaluate ${CONTEXT_ROOT} at runtime? Sadly it seems that a lot
of the existing documentation regarding running shindig as a non-root
application is either obsolete or incorrect so I hope that this email
will go some way towards redressing the balance.

Kind regards,


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