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From "David A. Jafari" <>
Subject setupChildIframe cannot find childIframe
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2012 19:22:18 GMT
I'm setting up a new container and just tried loading my first gadget. The metadata response
comes back from the server successfully, but then the setupChildIframe function is called
trying to locate an iframe with which to load the gadget. I've not manually created such a
frame nor do I see others creating one in the examples. Here's what I'm doing:

Import of container dependencies:

<script src=".../gadgets/js/core:pubsub:container:rpc.js?container=default&c=1&debug=1"></script>

Create container and set security token:

var CommonContainer = new osapi.container.Container(testConfig);

Load a gadget by Gadget Spec url:

var site = this.commonContainer.newGadgetSite(gadgetNode);
          { view: "home" }, //view parameters
          { }, //render parameters

Am I missing a step somewhere? My basic goal here is simply to load a gadget into the page
through our local rendering server.

Dave Jafari

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