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From Thomas Heute <>
Subject Re: Missing scheme in rewritten CSS
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2012 12:30:02 GMT
At the moment everything is over HTTP, the issue is that URL aren't
rendered correctly:
background: url('//localhost:8080/...
instead of
background: url('http://localhost:8080/...

the culprit is:
doesn't set the scheme in the makeProxied method which explains why
the URL is mangled.


Thomas, are you rendering this gadget in a container over HTTP?  Can you
try rendering the gadget in a container over HTTPS?

On Thu, Jul 5, 2012 at 5:02 PM, Thomas Heute <> wrote:

> Hello, I may have found a bug, let me explain
> My proxied gadgets are rewritten and things like:
> background: url('foo.png')
> is rewritten to
> background: url('//localhost:8080/...
> What's wrong here is that the scheme is gone and that's not correct. Looks
> like web browsers are smart enough to try HTTP but when it comes to HTTPS
> then it doesn't work anymore.
> I think that I nailed down the issue to be in:
> gadgets/src/main/java/org/**apache/shindig/gadgets/uri/**
> makeProxiedUri method
> As you can see the authority is set but not the scheme. And when the URI
> is built it will add the "//"**
> asf/shindig/trunk/java/common/**src/main/java/org/apache/**
> shindig/common/uri/<>
> I was wondering if that's a known issue as I didn't find anything
> Thomas

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