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From "Davies,Douglas" <>
Subject redirect_uri
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2012 05:30:03 GMT
In there is a value “” for the default
oauth2 callback uri to use if a client doesn’t configure one.  There is also one for oauth1
“”.  OAuth1 also has one in container.js "//%host%${CONTEXT_ROOT}/gadgets/oauthcallback".

The one in container.js is nicer because it doesn’t have the protocol embedded in it.  Unfortunately
there doesn’t seem to be one for oauth2.

Which one should be used to inject into the java code? globalRedirectUri in JSONOAuth2Persister.
 Right now nothing is being set, but I assume I could use a @Named parameter.  Just wondered
where that comes from and whether I can easily add a non protocol specific one for oauth2.
 If it’s using the one from, is there a way to make it protocol agnostic?


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