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From "Dan Dumont" <>
Subject Re: XHR in js libraries in a gadget
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2012 18:44:30 GMT
I just found the "shindig.xhrwrapper" feature.

I'm wondering if it might be a good idea to push this up into the spec and 
in the OS Api.
It would help these efforts (dojo, jquery, etc adoption) if any gadget 
could request an osapi.xmlhttprequest feature that would provide this 
factory in any os environment.


From:   Dan Dumont/Westford/IBM@Lotus
Date:   01/06/2012 03:42 PM
Subject:        XHR in js libraries in a gadget

I had this quick conversation with John Hjelmstad today:

     me:  Hi
 John:  howdy
 me:  do you have a min or 2?
 John:  busy right now dealing with some personal matters, but will have 
time in about 30 min
 me:  can you ping me back when you're all done?
 John:  k
 me:  ty
 John:  hey dan, got a few minutes in between stuff
 me:  cool
So we've had people ask us about using dojo in os gadgets
I think it's something that you guys may run into when/if you start really 

pushing on the appdev gadget story
 John:  indeed
 me:  I'm going to be working on a patch to dojo to enhance the xhr module 

to prefer the os impl instead of the existing one
was wondering if there are any jquery committers at google that could 
mirror my efforts
 John:  I presume you found a conflict of some kind?
you know, I just might
One of my reports has contributed, though I'm not sure if he's got 
committer access to the repr.
 me:  well dojo xhr presumes to do all of the xhr itself...  the osapi 
impl has some quirks in how the proxy url is used (or rpc instead of xhr) 
that make dojo unable to cope with it
 John:  that makes sense
 me:  I'm pretty sure jquery has the same issue

Just tossing this out there as an FYI about the problem and to let anyone 
who has another favorite js lib (prototype, etc...) know so that they can 
push the effort in that project.

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