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From Ben Smith <>
Subject Re: Proposal To Branch for 1.0 Today
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2008 06:55:55 GMT
On 4 Dec 2008, at 05:09, Dan Peterson wrote:

> On Wed, Dec 3, 2008 at 5:28 PM, Evan Gilbert <>  
> wrote:
>> Responses below. Again, I don't feel too strongly ("slavish" may be a
>> slightly strong characterization of my points), but I'm not seeing  
>> big
>> benefits in the short term to major releases independent of spec  
>> revisions.
>> The cost of maintaining a release can easily outweigh the benefits of
>> releasing a new architecture earlier, when there is likely a spec rev
>> coming
>> up in a few months. I wouldn't tie down the versions but I do see  
>> benefits
>> in starting with Opensocial Spec Version == Shindig version.
>> Still happy to support the will of the group on this one - just  
>> wanted to
>> make sure that these points were heard.
> As stated earlier in this thread, my stance is similar to Evan's --  
> I worry
> that we're going to confuse people by *starting off* with a Shindig  
> version
> that is inflated ahead of the version of the OpenSocial spec. I  
> agree that
> we'd probably not want to hold the Shindig version to be similar to  
> the
> OpenSocial spec version in perpetuity.
> That all said, however, if we're the minority, we should simply move  
> on wrap
> up this release. Having stable releases at all is a really important
> milestone for Shindig's success.
> -Dan

I thought I might proffer my 2 cents as I'm new to Shindig and know  
what was confusing and what wasn't.

I did not expect the Shindig version to match the Spec version. I did  
have a look in the available README files, and would hope that this  
kind of information would be explicate there, but in the absence of  
release notes I just assumed the latest.

I agree with Dan that starting off with the Spec version and then  
slowly divorcing from it would be bonkers.

I hope that helps,
Ben Smith

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