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From Veit Guna <>
Subject shale dialog handling
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2007 21:04:25 GMT

I'm new to the shale dialog component and I'm evaluating whether to use
it in my webapp. Since documentation is a bit poor, I hope somebody can
clear things up for me.

First thing I encountered was, that a dialog can't be started "twice". I
have a menu where for example a search dialog can be started through a
commandLink action="dialog:foobar". If I press the search link again, a
IllegalStateException occurs. I've read something on the mailing list
about stopping the dialog before starting it again. But that sounds odd
to me. Why doesn't the framework do this for me :)? If I would
stop/start it manually, where would I do it? Since the commandLink
instantly calls the dialog with action="dialog:foobar", I have to add an
additional method to start the dialog programmatically. But for what is
the action="dialog:foobar" then if it breaks if someone calls it twice?

What comes to my mind is, why doesn't the framework automatically stops
the running dialog and starts it over? What is the best practice with
shale to implement this usecase?

Another thing is, clicking other links in the menu when a dialog is
active. Same here: IllegalStateException. A user doesn't care about
program-friendly navigation. A user want's to navigate everywhere he
likes to.

How is this handled with shale? Is there any documentation about this

Thanks in advance.

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