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From (Gary VanMatre)
Subject Re: clay - custom converter example
Date Wed, 08 Nov 2006 16:22:54 GMT
>Does anyone using clay with custom converters?
>I have a label which should get a converter. Tried it this way in clay
><element renderId="2" jsfid="baseLabel">
			>  <attributes>
				>    <set name="value" value="#{user.language}" />
			>  </attributes>
			>   <element renderId="1" jsfid="f:converter">
					>       <attributes>
						>        <set name="converterId" value="language" />
				>      </attributes>
			>   </element>

Try using the converter node under the element.  The element and component includes converters,
validators, actionListeners, valueChangeListeners use the nested element that points to a
top-level definition.
<!ELEMENT element (description*, attributes?, symbols?, converter?, validator*, actionListener*,
valueChangeListener*, element*)>
<component jsfid="language" componentType="converter-id-in-faces-config">
<element renderId="2" jsfid="baseLabel">
      <set name="value" value="#{user.language}" />
   <converter jsfid="language">
Using the generic f:converter and the converterId doesn't work as you would expect even if
you use a conveter node.  This example should work but doesn't:
   <converter jsfid="f:converter">
               <set name="converterId" value="language" />


 I'll see if I can get that one fixed.  Please create a JIRA ticket.

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