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From "Ryan Wynn" <>
Subject reusable application fragments
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2006 15:19:54 GMT
What I am trying to accomplish with clay is to encapsulate a fragment
of an application as a jar file.  In the jar file I have clay and
faces configuration as well as java classes.  The idea is that the
client application will include the fragment jar that provides the
templates, navigation, and application logic.  I want to be able to
pass control from the client application to the fragment by
referencing a view id with the classpath*:com/bar/foo.html syntax.
>From this point the fragment jar will reference it's own pages using
the same classpath*:com/bar/foo.html syntax for view ids.  Then when
the fragment is done doing what it needs to do it can forward back to
the client using a view id like /done.html.  The client would need to
implement /done.html so that the transition works.  I guess you could
think of this as another form of dialog.

Is something like classpath*:/com/bar/foo.html supported as a valid
view id?  I am pretty sure all of this is possible using full xml
views, but mixing full xml and html seems to be going against the

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