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From "stephan opitz" <>
Subject general - combine command link with (hidden) value?
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2006 15:10:28 GMT
first - is it possible to log all submited params in to file or output
of servers log?

how i built input sides with command button is no problem...

but if  i have a commandlink, which should go to a side and has an
hidden value, from which the sides generate output :-/

			<element renderId="2" jsfid="h:commandLink">
					<set name="id" value="id" />
					<set name="action" value="#{categories.showCats}" />

				<element renderId="1" jsfid="h:inputHidden">
						<set name="id" value="category_id" />
						<set name="value" value="#{node.identifier}" />

				<element renderId="2" jsfid="h:outputText">
						<set name="value" value="#{node.description}" />
						<set name="styleClass" value="nodeFolder" />

the commandlink links to another side... the method showCats will be
called, but how i also submit the category_id and ist it usefull to
use some kind of the new functions like init() to prebuilt output data
from db for the given category_id


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