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From <>
Subject RE: Proposal: Sundown Shale-Tiles
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2008 07:59:28 GMT
My opinion on this subject is that you should take a decision as soon as
possible about the templating strategy.
Every good framework, as shale, needs a good templating tech. 
So I think  that Shale must decide the strategy: use facelets (and
delete tiles integration) or upgrade to Tiles2. But we can not loose
more time on this.
It is a very important aspect to take care on when choosing a framework.


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De: Greg Reddin [] 
Enviado el: lunes, 07 de enero de 2008 22:06
Asunto: Re: Proposal: Sundown Shale-Tiles

On Jan 4, 2008 8:40 PM, Gregg Leichtman <> wrote:
> I consider this important, since I use Tiles and I want to and 
> currently am using JSF 1.2, since it resolves the interweaving problem

> among other things. Granted, I could potentially move to Clay, but I 
> came from Struts and I am familiar with Tiles and it does what I need 
> it to do, especially the latest version. IHMO the current state of 
> Tiles support in MyFaces and Shale acts as a barrier to Tiles adoption

> under JSF 1.2 which I hope is not intentional.

My original intent was to invest effort in getting Tiles to work better
with JSF. Then I discovered Facelets and decided my efforts would be
largely redundant. I haven't used Clay yet, though I didn't ignore it
intentionally, but to me, Facelets does for JSF what Tiles originally
did for Struts. That is, it provides an extremely easy-to-use templating
and page-building system. Once I got used to Facelets JSP in JSF felt
like driving a 1973 Plymouth that gets about
4 mpg gas mileage :-) I do think Tiles could do a lot for JSP in JSF
with some TLC, but, again, the work just seems redundant to me. The
effort to migrate from Struts-Tiles to Tiles 2 is about the same as
learning Facelets. I still love Tiles and I think it has a good future,
but the low-hanging fruit has been harvested IMO.



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