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From Gregg Leichtman <>
Subject Re: Proposal: Sundown Shale-Tiles
Date Sat, 05 Jan 2008 02:40:15 GMT
I brought this up, since the Shale developers might want to more
carefully consider the decision to drop Tiles support along the way to
MyFaces integration or at least consider how Tiles/JSF 1.2 support will
be managed going forward under the MyFaces umbrella.

It has been my experience that to get around the
interleaving/interweaving problem---immediate vs. deferred expression
evaluation---of JSP/JSF/Tiles it was necessary to modify existing Tiles
View handlers. The experimental code, based on the Sun RI that I am
using and posted previously resolves this problem apparently by using a
new JSF 1.2 specific interweaving class.

I consider this important, since I use Tiles and I want to and currently
am using JSF 1.2, since it resolves the interweaving problem among other
things. Granted, I could potentially move to Clay, but I came from
Struts and I am familiar with Tiles and it does what I need it to do,
especially the latest version. IHMO the current state of Tiles support
in MyFaces and Shale acts as a barrier to Tiles adoption under JSF 1.2
which I hope is not intentional. Given the amount of effort that has
been put into the latest Tiles version and its apparent strong support
in the Struts community, it seems that it would be beneficial to
refactor a Tiles view handler to support JSF 1.2 across multiple JSF
implementations and yes I do know that I am asking for this support from
a group of volunteers. I would do this myself and post it, but I don't
believe that I quite have the detailed expertise to pull it off yet.

                                                   -=> Gregg <=-

Greg Reddin wrote:
> On Jan 2, 2008 6:25 PM, Gregg Leichtman <> wrote:
>> Does the MyFaces view handler support JSF 1.2?
> I'm ashamed to say I don't know what's changed in the ViewHandler API
> between 1.1 and 1.2. If there are changes I suspect the current view
> handler from MyFaces or Shale wouldn't be compatible, right? I think
> I've heard somewhere in MyFaces land that Tomahawk is not
> 1.2-compliant.
> I hope someone will chime in and clarify :-)
> Greg

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