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From "Matthias Wessendorf" <>
Subject Fwd: [ANNOUNCE] MyFaces Core 1.2.0 Release
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2007 06:18:30 GMT

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From: Matthias Wessendorf <>
Date: Jul 18, 2007 8:16 AM
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] MyFaces Core 1.2.0 Release

The Apache MyFaces team is pleased to announce the release of MyFaces
Core 1.2.0.

MyFaces Core 1.2.x is a JavaServer(tm) Faces 1.2 implementation as
specified by JSR-252.  MyFaces Core has passed Sun's JSR-252 TCK and
is 100% compliant with the JSR-252 specification.

MyFaces Core 1.2.0 is available in both binary and source distributions.


MyFaces Core is also available in the central Maven repository under
Group ID "org.apache.myfaces.core".

Release Notes - MyFaces Core - Version 1.2.0


    * [MYFACES-1436] - Add element "deferred-value/method" for
elements in the taglibs
    * [MYFACES-1437] - Implement UIComponentTagUtils to use
ValueExpression and MethodExpression
    * [MYFACES-1440] - Implement method:
ApplicationImpl.createComponent(ValueExpression,FacesContext, String)
    * [MYFACES-1441] - Implement method:
ApplicationImpl.getResourceBundle(FacesContext ,String)
    * [MYFACES-1444] - Change all the html basic tag attributes to
    * [MYFACES-1453] - Implement JSR-252 core tag: ActionListenerTag
    * [MYFACES-1454] - Implement JSR-252 core tag: ConvertNumberTag
    * [MYFACES-1455] - Implement JSR-252 core tag: LoadBundleTag
    * [MYFACES-1456] - Implement JSR-252 core tag: ParamTag
    * [MYFACES-1457] - Implement JSR-252 core tag: SelectItemsTag
    * [MYFACES-1458] - Implement JSR-252 core tag: SubviewTag
    * [MYFACES-1459] - Implement JSR-252 core tag: ValidateDoubleRangeTag
    * [MYFACES-1460] - Implement JSR-252 core tag: ValidateLengthTag
    * [MYFACES-1461] - Implement JSR-252 core tag: ValidateLongRangeTag
    * [MYFACES-1462] - Implement JSR-252 core tag: ValueChangeListenerTag
    * [MYFACES-1463] - Implement JSR-252 core tag: VerbatimTag
    * [MYFACES-1464] - Implement JSR-252 core tag: ViewTag
    * [MYFACES-1473] - Implement JSR-252 core tag: SelectItemTag
    * [MYFACES-1475] - ValidatorTag
    * [MYFACES-1478] - Implement JSR-252 core tag: convertDateTimeTag
    * [MYFACES-1484] - Implement JSR-252 core tag: phaseListenerTag
    * [MYFACES-1485] - Implement JSR-252 core tag: FacetTag


    * [MYFACES-1212] - JSR-252 Issue #21: Provide additional "binding"
attribute for the core Converter, Listener, and Validator tags that
would be used as a ValueExpression to alternatively create the
    * [MYFACES-1218] - JSR-252 Issue #45: Avoided concurrent read
issues by using a java.util.HashMap instead of java.util.WeakHashMap
for a component's Property Descriptor Map
    * [MYFACES-1331] - Value attribute in <f:selectItem> is documented
as not required, but javax.faces.FacesException: SelectItem with no
value is thrown
    * [MYFACES-1344] - get svn meta data out of impl jar file
    * [MYFACES-1381] - JSR-252 Issue #303: Clarified the use of
encodeChildren with no renderer: render not no-op
    * [MYFACES-1474] - Fix for ActionListenerTag
    * [MYFACES-1521] - tag class generator (datatable . setVar())
    * [MYFACES-1536] - Resolvers assume that all JSPs produce a FacesContext
    * [MYFACES-1544] - Verbatim Components are not created during JSP dispatch
    * [MYFACES-1548] - UIComponent State change if getValueBinding() is called.
    * [MYFACES-1551] - UIViewRoot.getPhaseListeners() must not be generated
    * [MYFACES-1557] - MyfacesConfig.getCurrentInstance not thread safe
    * [MYFACES-1562] - ValueBinding's getType always returns object
when trying to converter for class
    * [MYFACES-1572] - getFirst() and getRows() methods in UIData
don't return correct values
    * [MYFACES-1574] - HtmlOutputLink returns the wrong renderer type
    * [MYFACES-1575] - MethodBinding.invoke() should provide cause exception
    * [MYFACES-1576] - PropertyResolver.getType() should check arguments
    * [MYFACES-1577] - PropertyResolver should throw PropertyNotFoundException
    * [MYFACES-1579] - VariableResolver throws IllegalStateException
because scope is unknown
    * [MYFACES-1582] - web-facesconfig_1_2.xsd contains restrictive copyright
    * [MYFACES-1584] - DateTimeConverter contains an extra non-spec field
    * [MYFACES-1588] - managed beans are not resolved when scope is "none"
    * [MYFACES-1592] - cannot render selectBooleanCheckbox tag when a
boolean value is supplied
    * [MYFACES-1593] - javax.el.CompositeELResolver cannot resolve managed beans
    * [MYFACES-1594] - Passthrough attribute "acceptcharset" for form
not being rendered
    * [MYFACES-1595] - spec compliance for HtmlCommandButton
    * [MYFACES-1596] - In an inputText, If the "autocomplete"
attribute is not set or the value is "on", render nothing.
    * [MYFACES-1597] - In inputTextarea, pass thru attributes "cols"
and "rows" should not be rendered if they are not set
    * [MYFACES-1598] - JSF 1.2 TLD compliance: attributes "binding"
and "converter" with wrong deferred-type
    * [MYFACES-1599] - JSF 1.2 TLD compliance: attribute "action" with
wrong deferred-method signature
    * [MYFACES-1600] - JSF 1.2 TLD compliance: wrong deferred value
for "rendered" and "id" should be false for the rtexpr value
    * [MYFACES-1601] - JSF 1.2 TLD compliance: attribute "var" from
dataTable with wrong configuration
    * [MYFACES-1602] - dataTable does not render any content
    * [MYFACES-1604] - commandLink with disabled=true should render
children and id
    * [MYFACES-1605] - h:selectBooleanCheckbox h:selectManyCheckbox
h:selectManyListbox h:selectManyMenu h:selectOneListbox
h:selectOneMenu h:selectOneRadio broken
    * [MYFACES-1606] - dataTable with facet does not work
    * [MYFACES-1607] - implement ResourceBundleResolver.getFeatureDescriptors()
    * [MYFACES-1608] - Passthru attributes "onfocus" and "onblur" not
rendered for the commandLink
    * [MYFACES-1609] - Allow selectItems with value null
    * [MYFACES-1610] - Rendering behaviour of enabledClass and
disabledClass failing for selectItems
    * [MYFACES-1611] - Attribute "readonly" not honoured in selectOneMenu
    * [MYFACES-1612] - selectOneListbox must show the number of items
as the value of "size" attribute if is not specified
    * [MYFACES-1613] - Caption facets in panelGrids not rendered
    * [MYFACES-1614] - Output "colgroup" as the value of the "scope"
attribute on the "th" element for the dataTable
    * [MYFACES-1615] - If graphicImage does not have value/url is not rendered
    * [MYFACES-1616] - When there are two forms (or more) in a page,
only the first form contains the viewState information
    * [MYFACES-1617] - When rendering the _link_hidden_ must not have
a "value" attribute set
    * [MYFACES-1620] - ImplicitObjectResolver.getValue wrong return
when property is resolved
    * [MYFACES-1621] - ViewResponseWrapper does not wrapped the OutputStreams
    * [MYFACES-1622] - support headerClass and footerClass at h:column level
    * [MYFACES-1624] - In oneradio and manycheckbox, the style
attribute has not to be passed to the input elements
    * [MYFACES-1625] - In selectOneCheckbox, the style is not passed through
    * [MYFACES-1632] - selectItem component not resolving expressions
for some of its attributes
    * [MYFACES-1633] - Incorret view rendering after postback
    * [MYFACES-1634] - Wrong ValidatorTag class name in the myfaces_core.tld
    * [MYFACES-1635] - Incorrect rendering of jsf tags interweaved with HTML
    * [MYFACES-1636] - When getting the converter of an array of type
String, an exception is thrown
    * [MYFACES-1637] - ClassCastException in
    * [MYFACES-1638] - Do not render id and name attributes in links,
if id is not specified
    * [MYFACES-1640] - Content after the view tag incorrectly written
to the response
    * [MYFACES-1642] - Id attribute not present in the rendered HTML
for the commandLink, even if the id was provided
    * [MYFACES-1643] - f:convertDateTime has wrong signatures of all
setters (does not accept javax.el.ValueExpression)
    * [MYFACES-1644] - API signature error with UIComponentTagBase
    * [MYFACES-1645] - UIViewRoot.getLocale is not implemented
according to the spec
    * [MYFACES-1646] - Using alternative configurations (e.g.
ViewHandlers) not working properly
    * [MYFACES-1647] - Alternative renderkits not working in myfaces
    * [MYFACES-1648] - myfaces-build should have scope "provided" as
it is only needed on build time
    * [MYFACES-1649] - Converter tag incorrecly mapped in the myfaces_core.tld
    * [MYFACES-1650] - convertDateTime tag not implemented correctly
in myfaces 1.2
    * [MYFACES-1651] - Default converters and validators not correctly
    * [MYFACES-1658] - Memory leak in JspStateManagerImpl
    * [MYFACES-1676] - outputlink ignores user defined id
    * [MYFACES-1679] - Missing "by type" registration of default converters
    * [MYFACES-1680] - JSF Converters not all registered in
standard-faces-config.xml file


    * [MYFACES-1213] - JSR-252 Issue #27: specified rendering of
style, class, lang and dir for the h:messages
    * [MYFACES-1222] - JSR-252 Issue #51: Allow implementations to
check for the presence of a servlet-class definition in a web app
deployment descriptor as a means to abort the configuration and save
startup time.
    * [MYFACES-1226] - JSR-252 Issue #59: Avoid EL expression
evaluation for "value" attribute on "AttributeTag". "AttributeTag" now
passes the expression to UIComponent for evaluation.
    * [MYFACES-1230] - JSR-252 Issue #68: Specify that the component
tree may be manipulated throughout the request processing lifecycle,
except during render.
    * [MYFACES-1235] - JSR-252 Issue #78: Added a more "user-friendly"
default error message for UIInput "update model".
    * [MYFACES-1245] - JSR-252 Issue #98: Specified that
"SelectManyCheckboxListRenderer" and "RadioRenderer" must render the
"label" element after the "input" element for each "SelectItem".
    * [MYFACES-1248] - JSR-252 Issue #123: Clarified renderkit docs
with respect to dataTable attribute rendering
    * [MYFACES-1251] - JSR-252 Issue #134: Backward compatability issues
    * [MYFACES-1256] - JSR-252 Issue #154: Fixed FacesTag "name"
attribute discrepency - made it a String (was ValueExpression).
    * [MYFACES-1266] - JSR-252 Issue #118: Specified that an
implementation of Map returned from ExternalContext.getSessionMap
implement a "clear" method that calls "removeAttribute" on each
attribute in the Servlet or Portlet Session.
    * [MYFACES-1267] - JSR-252 Issue #122: Clarified renderkit docs
with respect to what gets rendered for disabled command link
    * [MYFACES-1434] - All attributes in tags must be of type
ValueExpression. In the tld, the attributes must contain a
"deferred-type" element with the attribute type
    * [MYFACES-1442] - Deprecated APIs in the javax.faces.webapp package
    * [MYFACES-1443] - Revert JSR-252 changes in UIComponentTagUtils
and deprecate it
    * [MYFACES-1465] - Removed methods from UIComponentBodyTag as it
extends UIComponentTag which is now a BodyTag

New Feature

    * [MYFACES-1201] - JSR-252 Issue #4: Added headerClass and
footerClass attributes at the "h:column" level.
    * [MYFACES-1202] - JSR-252 Issue #5: Clarified the use of a string
literal for the "action" attribute on ActionSource components.
    * [MYFACES-1203] - JSR-252 Issue #6: Introduced a new optional
"label" attribute for input components that will provide an
association between a component, and the message that the component
(indirectly) produced.
    * [MYFACES-1204] - JSR-252 Issue #8: Made UIViewRoot a source of
PhaseEvent(s) for all phases of the request processing lifecycle
except RestoreView.
    * [MYFACES-1207] - JSR-252 Issue #15: Enhanced the usage of the
"Decorator Pattern" for ViewHandler, StateManager and ResponseWriter
    * [MYFACES-1209] - JSR-252 Issue #17: Introduced a new optional
"layout" attribute on the "PanelGroup" component that controls the
rendering of either a "div" or "span" HTML element.
    * [MYFACES-1210] - JSR-252 Issue #18: <f:loadBundle> behavior clarifications
    * [MYFACES-1211] - JSR-252 Issue #20: Specify that the event queue
should be cleared after each phase (except for RestoreViewPhase and
RenderResponse) if responseComplete or renderResponse has been set
    * [MYFACES-1215] - JSR-252 Issue #30: Make the "commandButton"
"image" attribute render the same as the "graphicImage" "img"
attribute for consistency.
    * [MYFACES-1217] - JSR-252 Issue #43: Migrated over to using XML
Schema (from DTD) for configuration file validation.
    * [MYFACES-1219] - JSR-252 Issue # 47: Introduced a mechanism to
detect if a request is a postback.
    * [MYFACES-1220] - JSR-252 Issue # 48: Specify the algorithm used
for client id generation as well as provide a way to allow the page
author to specify exactly what the client id should be, and preventing
Faces from altering it.
    * [MYFACES-1221] - JSR-252 Issue #50: Allow an application to
specify multiple render kits by introducing an optional "renderKitId"
attribute on "<f:view>".
    * [MYFACES-1223] - JSR-252 Issue #54: Added new extension elements
to the Faces XML schema.
    * [MYFACES-1229] - JSR-252 Issue #67: Allow the resetting of an
input component's value by introducing a resetValue() method on
    * [MYFACES-1233] - JSR-252 Issue #73: Added a new FacesException -
    * [MYFACES-1237] - JSR-252 Issue #81: Enable the message displayed
for "required" validation, conversion, and validation to be overridden
by the page author (JSP or non-JSP).
    * [MYFACES-1238] - JSR-252 Issue #82: Added new feature, the
ability to resolve ResourceBundles via the EL without the use of the
<f:loadBundle> tag.
    * [MYFACES-1240] - JSR-252 Issue #85: Add new tag:
f:setPropertyActionListener. Useful for pushing values into managed
beans without allowing modification of the value.
    * [MYFACES-1242] - JSR-252 Issue #75: Added
"getRequestContentType" and "getResponseContentType" to
    * [MYFACES-1247] - JSR-252 Issue #120: Specified in the renderkit
docs that commandButton rendering can generate javascript for
"onclick" attribute.
    * [MYFACES-1252] - JSR-252 Issue #135: Support Java EE 5 enums as
valid types
    * [MYFACES-1254] - JSR-252 Issue #151: Specified standard
converter for Enums
    * [MYFACES-1255] - JSR-252 Issue #152: Specified EL coercion usage
in API javadocs UISelectOne/UISelectMany (when items are compared in
validation) and standard html renderkit docs during encoding of select
    * [MYFACES-1257] - JSR-252 Issue #155: Specified "columnClasses",
"rowClasses" descriptions for panelGrid in renderkit docs.
    * [MYFACES-1258] - JSR-252 Issue #160: Added and specified
ResponseWriter.writeText method that takes a UIComponent argument.
    * [MYFACES-1260] - JSR-252 Issue #13: Specified "by type"
converter registration for BigDecimal and BigInteger
    * [MYFACES-1261] - JSR-252 Issue #93: Added "escape" flag
indicating the text of UISelectItem should be escaped when rendering.
    * [MYFACES-1262] - JSR-252 Issue #99: Specified Java EE 5 Generics
usage where applicable.
    * [MYFACES-1265] - JSR-252 Issue #111: Specified that a component
must allow child components to be added to and removed from the child
list of the currrent component, even though the child component
returns null from getParent()
    * [MYFACES-1268] - JSR-252 Issue #138: Change the required return
type for action methods to be Object instead of String.
    * [MYFACES-1269] - JSR-252 Issue #145: Define new method on
UIComponent, invokeOnComponent().
    * [MYFACES-1274] - JSR-252 Unified EL: Implement sections 5.5,
5.6, 5.7, and 5.8 of the JSF 1.2 spec
    * [MYFACES-1439] - Implementation of new/modified JSR-252 methods
for the Application class
    * [MYFACES-1445] - Implementation of new JSR-252 class:
    * [MYFACES-1449] - In JSR-252 javax.webapp.ConverterTag has been
replaced by ConverterELTag
    * [MYFACES-1466] - Create JSR-252 implementation of ValidatorELTag
called ValidatorTag
    * [MYFACES-1566] - Ability to Turn Off Generation of Component Client IDs


    * [MYFACES-1639] - Some DTDs hold Sun Microsystems copyrights.
    * [MYFACES-1652] - Current shared 2.0 and 3.0 should be compatible

Enjoy !

Matthias Wessendorf

further stuff:
mail: matzew-at-apache-dot-org

Matthias Wessendorf

further stuff:
mail: matzew-at-apache-dot-org

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