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From Gregg Leichtman <>
Subject Re: [FWD: [v1.0.4] shale-tiles and release notes (was Re: svn commit: r490857 ...)]
Date Fri, 05 Jan 2007 12:14:08 GMT
> Additionally, note that the framework distribution (nightlies or
> release) contains all dependency jars in the lib folder....
Ok, that is _very_ useful (thanks, I had not noticed this and had been
going out on my own for the past few months to try and match components
up with Shale nightlies with various levels of success); however, when I
go to the Tiles core download site at:

I find:

 tiles-core-2.0-SNAPSHOT-20061230.jar <>
29-Dec-2006 17:13  129K  Automated test builds
 tiles-core-2.0-SNAPSHOT-20061231.jar <>
30-Dec-2006 17:22  129K  Automated test builds
 tiles-core-2.0-SNAPSHOT-20070101.jar <>
31-Dec-2006 17:09  129K  Automated test builds
 tiles-core-2.0-SNAPSHOT-20070102.jar <>
01-Jan-2007 17:14  129K  Automated test builds
 tiles-core-2.0-SNAPSHOT-20070103.jar <>
02-Jan-2007 17:10  129K  Automated test builds
 tiles-core-2.0-SNAPSHOT-20070104.jar <>
03-Jan-2007 17:15  130K  Automated test builds
 tiles-core-2.0-SNAPSHOT-20070105.jar <>
04-Jan-2007 17:13  130K  Automated test builds

None of the versioning above matches the versioning of the file
tiles-core-2.0-r468346-SNAPSHOT.jar provided in the framework, so how
can I correlate the two? Continue reading.

> Its also available on the website, the dependency page for shale-tiles
> is here:
This is good also; however, I can't find any place on this page where it
states which version of Shale these dependencies go to. I assume that
since 1.0.3 is the currently released version of Shale, these
dependencies apply to it, but that doesn't seem to be stated. If this is
true, then I assume that tiles-core-2.0-r468346-SNAPSHOT.jar applies to
Shale 1.0.3. Correct? If this is correct, maybe the dependencies page
can have a blurb in it to state which version of Shale the dependencies
apply to. Since the page is generated by Maven, maybe Maven makes this
too hard to do.

> (similarly for other modules -- for each module, the 'Project
> Documentation' section in the left side navbar has this, and other,
> information). 
I don't see anything relevant under the "Project Documentation" section.
I do see sub-projects under "Sub-Project Documentation", but these don't
appear to supply versioning information. For example, the link for tiles.

                                      -=> Gregg <=-

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