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From slew <>
Subject VM Pipeline returns early
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2010 08:51:57 GMT


I have a CXF web service which forwards via JBI to a camel route.

The camel route calls out to a number or other routes which do things such
as validation, auditing etc.  These calls are made using the VM component
since these sub-routes exist in other service assemblies.  What I'm finding
is that if VM routes are chained together, then I get a response to the web
service after the first one has finished.

As a simple example, if my route is like below:

            .to("log:Received Message")
            .to("log:After Test Step")
            .setBody(constant("<Message xmlns=\"urn:testcase\">Want this one
            .to("log:End of route");

            .setBody(constant("<Message xmlns=\"urn:testcase\">Don't want
this one returned</Message>"));

I find that I get the response <Message xmlns=\"urn:testcase\">Don't want
this one returned</Message>, when I want <Message
xmlns=\"urn:testcase\">Want this one returned</Message>.  How can I make the
route block until all steps are complete?

I'm using Camel 2.3 (same behaviour with 2.2) running in ServiceMix 3.3.2.

I've attached the above test case, with a soapUI test project. 

Thanks for any advice,
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