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From Guillaume Nodet <>
Subject Re: ServiceMix4 and OSGi
Date Tue, 17 Mar 2009 17:43:31 GMT
I would suggest you take a look at some of the examples that ship with the
ServiceMix 4 distributions.
That should help a bit.

2009/3/17 Andrea Zoppello <>

> Hi all,
> I'm very interested in servicemix 4, and in particular to the OSGi features
> offered.
> BTW i find very difficult to understand some points;  in particuar:
> 1) It's not very clear how is servicemix 4 structured in osgi terms ( which
> are the bundle that constitute smx4, and for each of this bundle
> which services are registered in the osgi registry )

We don't really have any docs for that yet.  For now, the best thing would
be to use the console to look at the services and browse the code.

> 2) A lot of confusion i have is the "evolution of the service assembly
> concept". For me now a sa is the deployment units where
> i configure a set of jbi endpoints, that together constitute a composite
> application.

Right, and this has not really changed.

> 3) In a JBI Service Assembly  now i've both endpoints offered both Binding
> Components and Service Engine.
> Now i'm a little confused of how this concept will be mapped to osgi.

The real difference is that all the service units are combined in a single
OSGi bundle.

> 4) In JBI i've a way to defines endpoint and to connect them, how this will
> be mapped on OSGi?????
> Each endpoint will constitute an OSGi service??

If you're interested in the JBI side, you should not really care about OSGi
What happen actually is that a JBI endpoint will actually be mapped to an
NMR endpoint (which in turn is exposed in the OSGi registry), but this is an
implementation detail somehow.

> 5) Is it possible to use servicemix (binding) components HTTP, FTP, MAIL as
> connector to osgi services that are not jbi services??

Not directly, though you could set up a cxf-se endpoint that would be used
as a proxy to another OSGi service.

> I think a lot of confusion is probably because servicemix 4, try to support
> both JBI and OSGi concepts.
> As my personal option i find the OSGi model simpler than JBI, the only
> thing of JBI i would like to mantain is the Excahnge and Normalized Message
> Concepts.

And that's exactly what we did at the NMR level.
The NMR layer does not really know about compoennts, service units, service
assemblies, just about endpoints and exchanges.
The JBI layer is built on top of it.

> Maybe make a distinction on the documentation will help.
> Andrea Zoppello

Guillaume Nodet
Open Source SOA

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