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From Lukasz Lichota <>
Subject Re: operation name is null after jms endpoints
Date Fri, 30 Jan 2009 20:21:55 GMT

how are you going to verify that target service received the message? based
on the fact that there was no exception?

I think it may be possible to use to approach you chose, you can use EIP
Static Recipien List

now if you use SRL after JMS Consumer (and have multiple CXF Providers) your
transaction will be rolled back on any fault on call of any provider, thus
if the third provider fails, message will be send once again and first and
the second service will receive this message again,

to make it a bit better you could use separate transaction for each target
that is to have SRL before JMS Provider, so you would have
JMSProvider/Consumer/CXFProvider chain for each of the target services

other question is what MEP is used by JMS consumer by default, what you need
is Robust-In-Only becaue with In-Only you never get faults.
You can specify this MEP using marshaller but maybe
it's done like that by default,
Ashwin, do you know?

best regards

PS. also please note that you can configure redelivery policy for ActiveMQ
in activemq.xml

PS2. Your flow will be a bit complicated so taking look at Camel is also an

jav1erp wrote:
> The final idea is send in-only messages from a cxf application to serveral
> cxf applications. All target applications need to receive the message. If
> there is any down, smx has to resend the message. 
> So, first I thought to use "Recipient List" pattern using camel  ( CXF
> consumer - Camel - CXF producer)  but how can I resolved the case in smx
> is down? Using XA? There is not a clear example, and the smx documentation
> is very poor. 
> Then I thought to use topic queues in the middle and use camel to resend
> messages, but I have the problem with operation names.
> What do you think about this case?

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