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Subject Re: How to configure the ServiceMix to resend the messages?
Date Mon, 10 Nov 2008 14:01:58 GMT
Dear Mr Jean Baptiste,
            Thank you very much for your response. I'll get back to u after having a clear
picture of what of my exact requirement is, and my tech environment so that it will help u
in guiding me to solve this. 

Thanks & Regards

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From:  Jean-Baptiste Onofré <>
Sent: Monday, 10 November, 2008 7:15:58 PM
Subject: Re: How to configure the ServiceMix to resend the messages?

Hi Umiii,

I guess that you deal with JMS messages.

I don't know if I have right understood your need but I will try to
give you a first feedback.

1/ Solution 1 : basic resending
A first solution is to have a binding component acting as a message
consumer and pushing to another binding component acting as message
In this case, you just need two SUs with xbean.xml.
There is not requirement to do any source code, only describe the
resending via the xbean.xml.

2/ Solution 2 : EIP recipient
A second solution is to use camel to implement the EIP recipient : a
JMS binding component acting as a message consumer send the message to
the camel service engine component that redirect the message to the
This pattern is most appropriate for multi recipients prupose.

3/ Solution 3 : Failover resending
The third solution is a failover one. A binding component receive
messages and push to a bean service engine. This service engine store
the message on a backend (database, files, etc). A quartz scheduler
can be launched periodically starting a method on the bean SE. This
method try to push to a message producer. One time the sending is
completed, the bean delete the message.
The backend can be another JMS queue of course.
Maybe it's possible to implement this pattern using Camel, but I
don't see how for now.
You can do it home-made using cxf-se and POJO beans.

Jean-Baptiste Onofré 
BuildProcess/AutoDeploy Project Leader

On Mon 10/11/08 14:33, wrote:
Hi all,

I'm using ServiceMix 3.2.2. I want to configure the Servicemix to
re-send the messages, so that even if the "Message-Receiver System" is
down for a while, it can receive the re-sent message from servicemix
at regular intervals.
So, please help me out in solving this. Any kind of
information/solution/discussion welcome.

Thanks "> [1] 


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