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From Freeman Fang <>
Subject Re: cxf-bc soap processing
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2008 03:46:25 GMT
Hi Tobias,

So far we don't provide this configuration property, but it's easy for 
you to add an interceptor to do this "unwrap".



Tobias Israel wrote:
> Hi,
> I've a setup where a bean component creates an exchange to call an bus
> external web service via the cxf-bc component (which works in provider
> mode). The reeuest wich the bean component creates only contains the part
> for the soap body. cxf-bc adds the soap tags, handles the reqest of the
> external web services and everything is fine. Fine but one aspect. the
> response from the external service is provided with the full soap message to
> the nmr and so for my bean as well. Is there a property or something (I did
> not found anything) to configure cxf-bc for "unwrap" the soap message and
> only provide the soap body's payload to the nmr?
> Thanks Tobias
> P.S.: I provide a busCfg file parameter in xbean.xml to configure some other
> cxf aspects, but did not define any messaging behavior...

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