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From Gert Vanthienen <>
Subject Re: Questions/ Doubts on SA/SU packaging and use of SpringJBIContainer
Date Fri, 09 Nov 2007 14:05:14 GMT

Not entirely sure if I understand your question...  You should be able 
to configure your custom components in a servicemix-lwcontainer SU and 
add this one to your SAs.  This way, you can simply deploy the SA and it 
will contain the SUs based on standard JBI components as well as your 
custom 'lightweight' components.

You can use the plain JBI classes (ExchangeFactory, MessageExchange, 
...) for exchanging messages with other components.  You should probably 
go and take a look at ServiceMix's own codebase to get good examples 
(e.g. in TransformComponentSupport itself you can find an example of 
sending an InOnly exchange starting on line 61).  By extending 
TransformComponentSupport, you already have some methods available to 
ease the task.  Another option would be to use ServiceMix's client API 

If you write new POJOs, I would recommend you to start using 
servicemix-bean JBI component, which supports annotations for helping 
you integrate with the container (e.g. @Destination, @Resource to inject 
a DeliveryChannel, ...)


MatSM wrote:
> Hi,
> For our project, we have custom components implementing
> TransformComponentSupport. 
> These components do node validations, some processing using attachments, XML
> transformation etc.
> We have WebsphereMQ as the  Queueing series and also have a lots of web
> services running in App Server.
> We have to deploy these component configured as simple JBI components within
> Service Units and  those in Service Assemblies. Service Assemblies will
> match different high level use cases.
> We would want to deploy all the different component with the following :
> Servicemix http - for webservice calls and 
> Servicemix jms - for JMS MQ biniding / WMQ listening
> Servicemix saxon -for simple xslt transformation
> Complex transformation for attachments are done via custom components - want
> to deployed as simple JBI component using pure spring.xml.
> Deploy different custom components using pure spring.xml in the SUs within
> SpringJBIContainer
> All the SAs have to be deployed in the Servicemix, these components interact
> with components in App server using Servicemix-http (Currenlty we use SAAJ
> binding) and WMQ using smix-jms. 
> Currently, there is a bit of confusion as to how to package those. This is
> what we have come up with.
> We have configured all these components in the light weight mode in a
> Servicemix.xml file and package it in SUs and SAs for different use cases. I
> know these kind of packaging is not right.
> Please provide some tips/ pointers/examples on how to package these
> components correctly, without using the light weight container to load the
> SA's (currently we do that).
> Also, provide some tips on dynamically invoking some components with in code
> to call the next JBI component configured in xbean.xml
> I really appreciate pointers on the above.
> Thanks
> Mat

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