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From Guillaume Nodet <>
Subject Re: WS Notification
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2006 14:39:38 GMT
Are you talking about the new servicemix-wsn2005 component ?
If no, you should take a look at this one, which is the new
and more complete version of the ws-notification component.

This component implements the Web Services Brokered Notification
1.3 (from 7 July 2005) [1].
We do not use the NotificationProducer interface directly. 
This interface is defined in WS-BaseNotification for
services that can accept subscriptions.  The WS-BrokeredNotification
goes one step further and defines a NotificationBroker which is
responsible for managing both producers and subscribers.

As a producer, you can register yourselef to the NotificationBroker
by sending a message.  When you want to create a notification,
you send a message to the NotificationBroker.
As a consumer, you can subscribe to a given topic by sending a
message to the NotificationBroker.  When a notification is received by
the NotificationBroker, it will send it to all subscribers, applying
xpath filters if necessary.  You can also create a pullpoint
and poll yourself the pullpoint for new messages.

A simple client API (to use from within the jbi bus) can be used to 
perform all these tasks.

    JBIContainer jbi = ...
    QName service = new QName(...)
    String endpoint = "...";
    NotificationBroker wsnBroker = new NotificationBroker(jbi);
    EndpointReferenceType epr = *new* EndpointReferenceType();
    epr.setAddress(*new* AttributedURIType());
    epr.getAddress().setValue(service.getNamespaceURI() + *"/"* + 
service.getLocalPart() + *"/"* + endpoint);
    wsnBroker.subscribe(epr, "myTopic", "/@type = 'foo'");


    JBIContainer jbi = ...
    Element notification = ...; // w3c dom element
    NotificationBroker wsnBroker = new NotificationBroker(jbi);
    wsnBroker.notify("myTopic", notification);

Take a look at the test case [2] for more informations.

Accessing the NotificationBroker on http+soap is just a matter of
adding a binding component, which targets the NotificationBroker endpoint.
    service: new QName("", 
To use it, just drop the component installer in the "install" directory 
of ServiceMix

I do agree that we miss a real example, but we welcome all contributions :)

Guillaume Nodet


Stefan Klinger wrote:

> Hello,
> I am trying to understand the WS Notification implementation within 
> ServiceMix. As far as I can tell the NotificationBroker is implemented 
> as an endpoint and not as a component. Is there a reason for that? 
> There also seems to be a WSNComponent and I can't tell what it is used 
> for.
> Maybe a simple example would be helpful showing a notification 
> component (created using the ClassPathXmlApplicationContext) that 
> notifies other components. It would be great if I could access that 
> component via http+soap.
> BTW, Am I right in assuming that a NotificationBroker is equivalent to 
> a NotificationProducer in the WS Notification specification?
> Thanks,
> Stefan

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