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From Gert Vanthienen <>
Subject Re: Migration of website to svnpubsub
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2012 14:37:39 GMT

> CXF and Camel  (and ActiveMQ) are a bit different in that they still maintain their sites
and all content in Confluence.   ServiceMix has changed to using a maven site stuff.
> HOWEVER, there may even be an easier solution.   If the maven build can be setup to accept
and output directory (instead of target/site or whatever), you can have infrastructure setup
a buildbot build that will run the build and automatically handle all the svn stuff.   It
would trigger on checkin of the site source, build, publish, etc… all automatically.   Developers
would never need to "site-deploy" or anything like that.

Yeah, I think it should be possible to set that up as well - we are
using two external tools in the documentation generation process that
might be a problem: Pygments to generate the CSS-markup for the code
snippets and Prince XML to generate the PDF variants for the
documentation.  We would have to get in touch with infra@ to figure
out what's possible - I think the former is already available (think I
have seen it being mentioned on the CMS/svnpubsub discussions before).
 The real issue might be that we have separate builds for the website
and the documentation sections, to allow for version-based

> Basically, CXF/Camel kind of "abuse" that by running maven to call a Java program that
does the export to the target directory.   Infra then has the script to add/rm/commit/etc…
the output.  Since CXF/Camel are in confluence, they don't have the "trigger on checkin" option
and instead are timed builds.
> That said, depending on the amount of content, it might just be better to go with the
CMS.   The CMS would allow others to "fork" the site, make changes, submit diffs, make comments,
etc… that we wouldn't get from the Maven build.

Personally, I'd rather spend time adding contents to our documentation
base than converting it to the CMS, but I'm open to anything here: if
someone wants to give this option a go or look into it, this is fine
for me too.



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