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From Jean-Baptiste Onofré>
Subject [DISCUSS] ServiceMix 5.0.0
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2011 21:25:03 GMT
Hi all,

As you know, ServiceMix 4.3.0 release has been submitted to VOTE. If 
it's fine, the release will be available before the end of this week.
In the mean time, I'm testing ServiceMix 3 (especially around 
Components) to be able to submit ServiceMix 3.3.3 release to vote 
tonight or tomorrow morning.

It's time to deal with the ServiceMix roadmap :)

I think it makes sense to prepare ServiceMix 4.4.0 with the following 
- powered by Karaf 2.2.0
- dependencies upgrade: Aries 0.3, Camel 2.7 (depending of the timing), 
CXF 2.3.3, etc
- bug fixing in ServiceMix modules: components, utils, specs, NMR.
- features improving (avoid to override tiers features such as the Camel 
- build improving (especially around the add-features-to-repo goal and 
dependency set).
- documentation and website. It's known issue. Before releasing 
ServiceMix 4.4.0, the documentation should be improved. Some of us are 
already involved (especially Gert), but we need to be in commando mode 
for this important task.
To summarize, ServiceMix 4.4.0 will be a maintenance release, mainly 
containing bug fixed and dependencies update.

Anyway, I think that we need to prepare the next major ServiceMix 
release: ServiceMix 5.0.0.
I would like to split the discussion in three parts:
1/ Architecture/Design update
As discussed before, JBI support should set as deprecated but only 
available as optional feature.
Regarding this, I deeply think that NMR is a really plus value module.
Too much people are thinking that ServiceMix 4 NMR is only the JBI 
implementation support in ServiceMix. It's too restrictive.
NMR could have a key role in ServiceMix. I've some ideas in mind:
- better relationship between NMR and Camel
- generic clustering/farming/clouding support
- transaction/distributed transaction
- service registry and service locator
- etc
I'm quite sure that lot of us have others ideas :)
I propose to create a roadmap page in the ServiceMix wiki to discuss of 
that and draft the future architecture of the NMR and ServiceMix 5.
2/ Tooling
We're all agree that our integrated modules are rock solid: karaf, nmr, 
camel, cxf, etc.
Of course, we have to provide new features, improve some parts, etc. 
There's no discuss around that.
However, I think that we need to provide some tooling. I don't talk 
about killer tool to do every thing, but at least, some tool to increase 
the adoption of ServiceMix for the production administrator.
For instance, just a clean console for monitoring and simple management 
of ServiceMix will provide a good start for administrator.
Maybe I'm wrong, but I think that ServiceMix is really great for a 
developer and an integration team. However, I'm quite sure that the 
administrator (the same guy who uses the WebSphere or Weblogic console) 
is expecting a simple console for monitoring a production running 
3/ Infra update
The current svn repo organization is not very flexible.
The smx4 repo module should be rename in smx.
In this module the features module should be renamed as runtime.

It means that we will have:
- smx3 for ServiceMix 3 (maintenance reason)
- smx (moved from smx4)
-- bundles
-- specs
-- nmr
-- obr
-- runtime


Thanks all

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