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From "Francois Liot" <>
Subject RE: XMPP Binding Component
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2008 02:47:03 GMT

This is far of being the first non-ServiceMix hosted component suite
available. As already discussed in many thread, the reason of different
hosting sites are multiple and complex (but often due to license

The question of advertising such component is a real interesting one,

Shouldn't be valuable for anybody to create a page on ServiceMix apache
website indexing all existing component (even better with a possibility
for visitor to vote and leave comments regarding ServiceMix version
compliance for example) ?

Such type of directory, directly on ServiceMix website will challenge
all service providers, software vendors, to adapt portions of their code
for ServiceMix. It would be interesting for everybody (users that need
functionalities, vendors or forked projects that need exposure,
ServiceMix global project that needs exposure too).


Francois Liot

-----Original Message-----
From: cgallemore [] 
Sent: Monday, January 07, 2008 4:56 PM
Subject: XMPP Binding Component

About 6 months ago we developed an XMPP Binding Component exposing the
API.  Initially we targeted OpenESB as our deployment environment.  This
last month we have been working on porting this component over to work
ServiceMix.  By the end of the week we should have a release ready for
ServiceMix users to consume.  A quick look at some of the features are

Connect to an XMPP Server (We recommend Openfire, but have tested with
JabberXCP as well).
Send and Receive XMPP Messages.
Create and Destroy Group Chats
Send and Receive XMPP Messages to Group Chats
Receive Presence Notifications of members joined to a group chat
Kick Users from a Group Chat
Send Invitations to join a group chat
Automatically join a group chat upon receipt of an Invitation.
Leave a Group Chat
Join an already existing Group Chat

In our release we will provide complete documentation on how to use the
Binding component, Maven archetypes for creating new projects, complete
tutorial for how to use the XMPP Binding component as well as the Maven

We were also wondering if there is anywhere we can advertise our
so that it might be easier for Servicemix users to locate.  For more
information on the XMPP Binding Component please refer to our project

You can go to the following for specific details for our ServiceMix

I'll give an update once we cut the release that contains the ServiceMix
support.  If you have any questions please contact my self or use the
BC mailing list (


Chad Gallemore
Gestallt LLC, now part of Accenture
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