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From Dan Connelly <>
Subject Re: Anybody successful with ServiceMix under LogicBlaze Fuse 1.3
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2007 18:42:24 GMT

I believe that Maven2>"Update Source Folders" on the context menu of the
Project also forces a Maven synchronization.

You might consider (as an easier trial than Pricing) trying to "fuse" the
wsdl-first sample (person.wsdl) from the SMX samples.

The wsdl-first assembly that ships with SMX works fine on SMX Server, but I
found when I created a functionally identical assembly myself using the FUSE
tooling, this did not work on either FUSE or SMX servers.    (Addressing now
the original question of  whether anyone has had "success" using  the FUSE
tooling creating SMX service assemblies.)

It should be possible to do Russian doll comparison on the two assemblies
(sample and FUSE'd) to see why the "sample" one works and my FUSE'd one does
not.   (Considering just the SMX server in both cases.)   But I have not
done this.

The only diagnosis I have so far is from the SMX log.   The "wsdl-first"
application is a simple SOAP service, of course.   Both the SMX sample and
the fuse'd wsdl-first appear to pass an incorrect operation namespace
(endpoint name) from the http su to the jsr181 su.   However, the sample's
use of XFire Aegis in jsr181 is such that it dynamically finds the correct
operation to invoke while my Fuse'd wsdl-first appears to lack the setup for
this dynamic search.    If fails with a "Invalid operation" SOAP fault.    

Of course, since I am using only SMX, the FUSE jars do not enter into this
problem.   It is essentially an SMX problem that gets exposed due to some
quirk of the FUSE tooling.

Being as much as I know of Fuse success on SMX at this point,
-- Dan

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