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From "Terry Cox" <>
Subject Re: Spring 2.0 and XBean
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
> Terry, what is the $xbean.version is used in the pom.xml?


My code is built against the 3.1 release of ServiceMix.

As an experiment, I just deleted all the 1.2.x versions of Spring from my
repository and built ServiceMix 3.1 from source. Spring versions 1.2.4
and 1.2.6 both re-appeared in the repository during the phase 1 build.
Servicemix-core uses 1.2.4 and the xfire-maven-plugin uses 1.2.6.

If you then check the build, you can see that the JSR-181 component build
is over-riding the dependency management and substituting 1.2.6 instead
of 2.0.1 so it looks as though there is some cross-contamination of
Spring classes within ServiceMix.


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