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From "Philip Dodds" <>
Subject Re: CIMERO Plugin hints, problems, bugs
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2006 14:21:48 GMT
The FUSE 1.2 tooling has not been integrated with the new contribution
to ServiceMix - we'll be working on this in the coming weeks.



On 10/3/06, <> wrote:
> I updated the CIMERO wiki page
> and included some
> information I collected during my testing. Still, I run into some major
> issues. I wrote to the devl list as I guess here's more knowledge and it's a
> better place for issues.
> 1) CIMERO is not able to work within FUSE tooling 1.2 even though this is
> "just" an extended version of WTP. Reason: Some wizards (like "New Server")
> were tweaked and do not ask for the same information as WTP, but CIMERO
> relies on the information not collected any more (see attached images).
> Thus, deploying projects to servers is impossible. Furthermore, starting the
> ServiceMix server in FUSE 1.2 is possible, but FUSE does not detect
> ServiceMix was successfully started and shuts the process down after 75secs.
> It may work with the FUSE packaging of ServiceMix (still to confirm). I hope
> the two toolings will be compatible in the future as it is not reasonable at
> all to maintain two different IDEs that are mostly identical...
> 2) When I want to add the ServiceMix server, a field
> "${serverRootDirectory}/servicemix-3.0-SNAPSHOT.jar" is required. I cannot
> find it at and in the SM
> repository and I searched my whole HDD for servicemix-3.*.jar so I can find
> milestones, incubating, snapshots etc. but found no JAR. To limit the
> possible reasons: I was already building SM from scratch and I have several
> versions installed. Where can I find this JAR?
> 3) Questions 1 seems to be relevant as SM is not starting up completely in
> Eclipse WTP 3.2 (like it does in FUSE 1.2).
> 4) In FUSE 1.2, when default.cimero is created, I make a right click on it,
> choose cimero, choose "Generate JBI package", wait till "Generation
> finished" appears and then choose "Deploy on ServiceMix" but get the error
> "The JBI package to deply does not exist !You have to generate it before
> deploy it.". Weird. Is this reproducable?
> 5) When doing 3) in Eclipse WTP 3.2, after choosing "Deploy on ServiceMix"
> no activity or message appears. Is this reproducable?
> 6) It is not possible to add java projects to servers like stated in the
> SWFs. See this screenshot:
> Is this reproducable?
> 7) Why is an empty page in the wizzard? *wonder*
> BTW, here you can find all screenshots for Eclipse WTP 3.2 and FUSE 1.2
> concerning "New Server" wizzard (including "add projects).
> So long, Georg
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