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From "kalyan kumar kalvagadda (JIRA)" <>
Subject [jira] [Commented] (SENTRY-1999) Sanitize issues that are outstanding for 2.0.0 release
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2017 22:19:00 GMT


kalyan kumar kalvagadda commented on SENTRY-1999:

Here are the outstanding jira's or 2.0.0 release.
|SENTRY-1743|Two SentryStore instances are one too many|Patch Available|
|SENTRY-1949|Old full snapshots are never cleaned up|Patch Available|
|SENTRY-1746|Investigate problems with Oracle and serializable transactions|Patch Available|
|SENTRY-1787|Remove use of unnecessary SentryMetastorePostEventListenerNotificationLog class|Patch
|SENTRY-1761|Add test for concurrent HMS followers processing notifications|Patch Available|
|SENTRY-1876|Filter the result of show databases and show tables in hive|Patch Available|
|SENTRY-1708|Extend the current test classes to handle multiple sentry servers|Patch Available|
|SENTRY-2024|Specify Char Set for AUTHZ_OBJ_NAME|Patch Available|
|SENTRY-1972|Remove SentryMetastorePostEventListenerNotificationLog class not longer needed|Patch
|SENTRY-1662|Constants java uses mutable collection|Patch Available|
|SENTRY-1872|Check if a Sentry server is accessible before connecting to it|Patch Available|
|SENTRY-1917|Sentry should work around HIVE-16994|Patch Available|
|SENTRY-1951|Old SentryStore.retrieveFullPathsImage() should be removed|Patch Available|
|SENTRY-2034|Add e2e tests for testing HMS notification processing.|Patch Available|
|SENTRY-2050|investigate flaky e2e tests upstream|Patch Available|
|SENTRY-1957|Do not parse hive sql string in Sentry|Patch Available|
|SENTRY-2040|When getting Snapshots from HMS we need more logging around cases when a snapshot
is not being received|Patch Available|
|SENTRY-2042|Support file based Sentry provider for Solr plugin|Patch Available|
|SENTRY-1812|Provide interactive Sentry CLI|Patch Available|
|SENTRY-1855|Improve scalability of permission delta updates|Patch Available|
|SENTRY-1502|Multiple tests in TestSentryStore are not testing useful things|Patch Available|
|SENTRY-1936|Intern role names in Sentry APIs|Patch Available|
|SENTRY-1429|TestHDFSIntegration improvements|Patch Available|
|SENTRY-2054|Unit tests must create temporary files under the Maven target directory|Patch
|SENTRY-2052|Reduce TestSentryStore time by setting transaction retries to 1 and other refactors|Patch
|SENTRY-1914|Update field size in Sentry to Match Hive definition|In Progress|
|SENTRY-1930|Switch to hive-authz2 profile by default|In Progress|
|SENTRY-1640|Implement HMS Notification barrier on the HMS plugin side|In Progress|
|SENTRY-872| Uber jira for HMS HA + Sentry HA redesign|In Progress|
|SENTRY-1948|RetryClientInvocationHandler throws wrong exception up the stack|Open|
|SENTRY-1753|Make HMSFollower initial delay configurable|Open|
|SENTRY-1653|Dump Sentry metrics to a file periodically|Open|
|SENTRY-1590|SentryHA: Add support in message factory for new notifications related to index
and function|Open|
|SENTRY-1597|Document Sentry protocols|Open|
|SENTRY-1779|HDFS full snapshot should limit to a set of path prefixes|Open|
|SENTRY-1789|Sentry/Kafka read or write privilege should imply describe|Open|
|SENTRY-1740|Deadlock when handling GM privileges|Open|
|SENTRY-1568|Develop automated test for client failover|Open|
|SENTRY-1588|Add user level privilege change support for SentryPolicyStorePlugin|Open|
|SENTRY-1808|HMSFollower shouldn't use Thrift structures to store persistent updates|Open|
|SENTRY-1953|CounterWait does not remove timed out entries from the queue|Open|
|SENTRY-2053|TransactionManager should perform retry conditionally|Open|
|SENTRY-1882|Stream HMS full snapshot|Open|
|SENTRY-1797|SentryKerberosContext should use periodic executor instead of managing periodic
execution via run() method.|Open|
|SENTRY-1778|Close query as soon as it is done|Open|
|SENTRY-1589|Flaky test TestDbPrivilegeCleanupOnDrop.testReCreateObjects|Open|
|SENTRY-1561|Optimize the # of DB calls for the methods in SentryStore|Open|
|SENTRY-1579|Sentry should avoid using Proxy|Open|
|SENTRY-1481|Evaluate use of paths in MAuthzPathsMapping|Open|
|SENTRY-1944|Optimize DelegateSentryStore.getGroupsByRoles()|Open|
|SENTRY-1679|HDFS tests configure MetastorePlugin which is gone|Open|
|SENTRY-1731|java net BindException Address already in use|Open|
|SENTRY-1813|LeaderStatusMonitor could get into limbo state upon ZK connection loss|Open|
|SENTRY-1775|Unit test for HMSFollower is not testing anything useful|Open|
|SENTRY-1819|HMSFollower and friends do not belong in sentry.service.thrift|Open|
|SENTRY-1954|SENTRY-872 Support User level privileges for Sentry HA|Open|
|SENTRY-1875|Column level privileges should not be stored in the delta tables|Open|
|SENTRY-1484|Automate generation of schema files|Open|
|SENTRY-1728|Figure out what to do for Hive auth v2 for Sentry HA|Open|
|SENTRY-1462|UpdateForwarder handling of failed updates is boken|Open|
|SENTRY-1991|Add google error prone back after Java8 was bumped as minium|Open|
|SENTRY-1956|Evaluate and improve performance for SentryStore and DelegateSentryStore operations|Open|
|SENTRY-1955|Implement synchronization between HMS and Sentry|Open|
|SENTRY-1961|Optimize memory usage for SimplePrivilegeCache|Open|
|SENTRY-1935|Sentry HMS plugin should only wait for Sentry notifications for certain operations|Open|
|SENTRY-1960|Use DB auto-increment for incrementing table IDs|Open|
|SENTRY-1922|Remove file-based sentry configuration|Open|
|SENTRY-1877|Add counter for transactions that failed completely|Open|
|SENTRY-1878|Provide support for programmatic fault injections for transactions|Open|
|SENTRY-1900|Add Sentry API v2 support for Kafka|Open|
|SENTRY-1885|Remove unused NOTIFICATION_ID from the SENTRY_PATH_CHANGE table|Open|
|SENTRY-1908|Remove the transitive dependency created for commons-beanutils-1.8.3|Open|
|SENTRY-1912|Directly construct Thrift message from DB when full update is sent to NN|Open|
|SENTRY-1977|Switch to using new Hive notifications format|Open|
|SENTRY-2030|Enable first-level cache for DataNucleus|Open|
|SENTRY-1969|hive-authz2 makes two sentry permission requests for CREATE TABLE and CREATE/DROP
FUNCTION statements|Open|
|SENTRY-1971|Hive integration for auth-2 should handle creating function properly|Open|
|SENTRY-2046|Create a full snapshot if AUTHZ_PATHS_SNAPSHOT_ID is empty, even if HMS and Sentry
Notifications are in sync|Open|
|SENTRY-1904|TransactionManager should limit the max time spent by transaction retry|Open|
|SENTRY-1920|testEnd2End should be broken into many subtests|Open|
|SENTRY-1967|query to regenerate hdfs ACLs|Open|
|SENTRY-2044|Shade Guava 14 libraries on Sentry|Open|
|SENTRY-2044|Shade Guava 14 libraries on Sentry|Open|
|SENTRY-2049|Remove hive-authz2 profile from the sentry-dist module|Open|
|SENTRY-2051|Catch SentryGroupNotFoundException in thrift server handler|Open|
|SENTRY-1434|Make maxRetriesForLogin/maxRetriesForConnection configurable in HMSFollower if
there is interest|Open|

> Sanitize issues that are outstanding for 2.0.0 release
> ------------------------------------------------------
>                 Key: SENTRY-1999
>                 URL:
>             Project: Sentry
>          Issue Type: Sub-task
>          Components: Sentry
>    Affects Versions: 2.0.0
>            Reporter: kalyan kumar kalvagadda
>            Assignee: kalyan kumar kalvagadda
>              Labels: release
>             Fix For: 2.0.0
> Make sure all resolved issues have fix version and make sure all Jiras with fix version
2.0.0 are committed or moved out.

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