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From GitBox <>
Subject [GitHub] mayadebellis commented on a change in pull request #61: SDAP-105 DOMS matchup netcdf and csv generation
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2019 19:25:40 GMT
mayadebellis commented on a change in pull request #61: SDAP-105 DOMS matchup netcdf and csv

 File path: analysis/webservice/algorithms/doms/
 @@ -124,41 +127,63 @@ def __packValues(csv_mem_file, results):
         headers = [
             # Primary
-            "id", "source", "lon", "lat", "time", "platform", "sea_water_salinity_depth",
-            "sea_water_temperature_depth", "sea_water_temperature", "wind_speed", "wind_direction",
"wind_u", "wind_v",
+            "id", "source", "lon (degrees_east)", "lat (degrees_north)", "time", "platform",
+            "sea_surface_salinity (1e-3)", "sea_surface_temperature (degree_C)", "wind_speed
(m s-1)", "wind_direction",
+            "wind_u (m s-1)", "wind_v (m s-1)",
             # Match
-            "id", "source", "lon", "lat", "time", "platform", "sea_water_salinity_depth",
-            "sea_water_temperature_depth", "sea_water_temperature", "wind_speed", "wind_direction",
"wind_u", "wind_v"
+            "id", "source", "lon (degrees_east)", "lat (degrees_north)", "time", "platform",
+            "depth (m)", "sea_water_salinity (1e-3)",
+            "sea_water_temperature (degree_C)", "wind_speed (m s-1)",
+            "wind_direction", "wind_u (m s-1)", "wind_v (m s-1)"
+        #
+        # Compress multiple depth variables into one depth array
+        #
+        depthAggregate = []
 Review comment:
   Vardis and I had a long conversation about this. There should only be one depth column
and we were talking about ways to make this work. (Wether we would list multiple depths still
in one column, but then this would make it harder to read and plot and we would need to include
what depth meant what). 
   But in the end we decided that each of these instruments is not taking necessarily all
at the same timestamp. So if there were two instruments at different depths, they would not
show up in the same timestamp and would be in different data points. If one instrument is
measuring multiple things at the same timestamp, then that one depth is consistent in each
of the measurements.
   Right now the only depths we are recording are for the SWS or SWT - playing around with
the datasets I could not find any examples of there being different values for these two variables.
   So if there is valid depth data it gets added to a list of depths, and if not 'None' is
added. The reason that I thought it would be too complicated to do this inside the existing
loop and instead am iterating matches twice is because if there is no depth data at all, we
want to fill the whole depth array with 0s. But if there is some of the data has depth information
we want the standard FillValue.
   I understand this is very confusing. Please let me know if you agree with what we talked
about or if you need more clarification.

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