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From buko <>
Subject Recovering XML Signature via JAXB
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2018 09:49:37 GMT

We’d like to start with a JAXB object (Document) and then serialize and sign it into a new
JAXB object (SignedDocument). Then we’d like to embed the SignedDocument into another object
(Message) and sign that to produce a new JAXB object (SignedMessage).

We can create the secure XMLStreamWriter easily enough and sign the document easily enough
but it’s not clear how we actually read the generated signature back using JAXB. 

What’s interesting is Santuario appears to contain JAXB bindings for the XML Signature Schema
But there’s no binding for the ‘Signature’ element.

Any ideas here? Is this possible? Is there a test that shows how to use the JAXB bindings?

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